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Muckety offers its mapping and database techologies to companies and organizations wanting to explore relationships.

Our customers include firms in publishing, as well as the energy, defense and government sectors. Most clients use our technology and data internally, to help find customers, investors and/or employees.

Muckety maps are easy to set up and customize, to best meet your research and design needs. You can change map size, colors, text size, box size and directional arrows. You can also create new actor types (people, businesses, government organizations, non-profits, etc.) and relationship types (director, spouse).

Data/map hosting and licensing options

Hosting plan 1 Muckety hosts and uploads your data. Maps can then be embedded into pages on your web site, which you design and control.
Hosting plan 2 Muckety hosts and uploads your data. Your maps include not only your own data, but Muckety’s national data set covering the White House, Congress, lobbyists, Fortune 500 companies and major nonprofit organizations. Maps are then embedded into pages on your web site, which you design and control.
For pricing information, please send us a note through our contact form.
Muckety LLC • 10 Maple St. • Pittsford, NY 14534 •


  • #1.   john crawley 01.25.2014

    I would like pricing information re: a mapping/database I am proposing. Any information will be helpful.

  • #2.   Ksenia Sokolina 02.06.2014

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Would you please provide the pricing information on all three types of licensing (Hosting plan 1, Hosting plan 2 and Server licence)?

    I’m also interested in trying Muckety. Do you provide any demo access? So that I can decide on whether it is reasonable to use your technology with my own data and link it with yours.

    Ksenia Sokolina

  • #3.   Laurie Bennett 02.06.2014

    We don’t provide pricing online. If you would like to provide us with an email address associated with a business, college or organization, we’d be happy to send you info.

  • #4.   Patrick Donohue 04.11.2014

    First, I like this thing, Muckety. Good work! I am involved with raising money for nonprofits. As relationship is key to this process this tool may prove quite valuable. Does its capabilities extend to the world of not so famous.

    Also, if combined with some kind of heat mapish feature mixed in that may prove even more valuable. I am looking to discover informal relationships as well.

    So, can a nonprofit on an already thin budget avail themselves of the technology. Also would you help with justifying a grant for this or in some other way?

    Just thinking

  • #5.   Dan Baczkowski 04.25.2014

    I’d like more information regarding licensing. My questions range from “Can I license and run the software on my own server?”, what about security?, who has access to my information? does muckety sell or do anything with my data/information?

  • #6.   Bart Borkosky 05.30.2014

    I’d like to get pricing for Plan#2. Thank you

  • #7.   Jonathan McDooling 06.04.2014

    I am interested in the licensing agreement for your mapping. can you please send me additional information? thanks

  • #8.   Bruno Macedo 07.15.2014

    Dear Srs.

    I am a researcher for the Information Institute (a non profit org) and I found your product very interesting. Is there any way we can use the framework license for research?

  • #9.   Laurie Bennett 07.15.2014

    Our price for research and nonprofit groups is the same as for commercial organizations. If you would like a pricelist, please let us know.

  • #10.   Darin Hickman 07.24.2014

    I’d like to get pricing for licensing. I have sent multiple queries over the last few months but none have been responded to.

  • #11.   Dory Hippauf 09.09.2014

    looking for pricing info for Hosting plan 2

  • #12.   Michael Mansell 09.10.2014

    I’m looking for pricing on plan 1 for mapping my client relationships.

  • #13.   John Hodges 10.21.2014

    I am interested in getting the cost for pricing plan 1 and 2. Thanks.

  • #14.   Mathew Johnson 02.16.2015

    We are interested in using your technology to map our community power structure. We are a college department who works with more than 100 nonprofit agencies to build the capacity of our community to address poverty and social injustice. We have access to data including board membership lists, organizational officers, major donor lists and more. Please let me know how to access your technology and load our data sets.

    Dr. Mathew Johnson

  • #15.   Meredith Nicholson 03.09.2015

    Hi there,
    Could you please supply me with your pricing for Plan 1?
    Thank you!

  • #16.   Kevin Stanislawski 03.18.2015


    I’m interested in learning more about different mapping capabilities and pricing. Please contact me.

  • #17.   Joe Cicero 03.18.2015

    Interested in pricing for non-profit

  • #18.   Steve Feimer 04.12.2016

    Dear Muckety,

    I would like information on the software you use to build interactive maps as we are considering doing an interactive map for a project.


    Dr. Steve Feimer

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