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Reimagining Journalism: The Story of the One Percent

December 17, 2015

New York Review of Books

“From Muckety, a website that uses digital technology to create maps showing paths of influence, I learned that Griffin is a trustee of both the Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitney Museum; a director of the Economic Club of Chicago; an advisory board member of the Eurasia Group, a risk-assessment firm; a trustee of the University of Chicago; and a member of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation.”

How One Web Search Led to a $20,000 Gift

March 14, 2013

The Good Steward

“After a particularly revealing search on Muckety (a useful site that details personal, corporate and non-profit relationships for some of the more connected people in the U.S.), I found a gentleman who used to work with the Chairman in one of his past careers … We sent this cold prospect an ask for the named fund and after a phone conversation with our president, he sent in a check for $20,000 from his private foundation!”

Washington Post

October 2, 2012

Washington Post

“Sixty-six Fortune 1000 companies have a former member of Congress on their boards, according to an analysis of business filings by the Web site Muckety. Two dozen former governors are also directors.”

DerbyCon security conference

October 1, 2012


“Mapping out a company’s financials, its partners and key competitors can reveal useful information that can be used by cybercriminals in a targeted attack. Web services like Hoovers, MarketVisual and Muckety are a good starting point…”

The Money Trail: Romney, PNAC, & The Billionaires

July 28, 2012

Daily Kos

“I wanted to learn more about who else works with Romney. I turned to Muckety Maps…I created some Flow Charts using Muckety Maps to make it easier for us to understand the interconnectivity.”

(Astro) Turf Wars

(Astro) Turf Wars

The 2010 documentary “(Astro) Turf Wars” cites Muckety as a source in tracking political donations by the Koch brothers.

Best Free Reference Web Sites

Reference and User Services Association

“Muckety is a news site with a difference; taking the news, it charts relationships among players and other persons and events…”

Newseum, ONA Honors Best in Online Journalism

February 9, 2010

Newseum: World's most interactive museum

Muckety is honored to be one of the sites that is included in the Newseum interactive kiosk exhibit featuring the innovative works by winners of the 2009 Online Journalism Awards.

Interviews with the award winners — chosen for their innovative take on online news, either in coverage, format or technology used — will be featured in the Digital News Gallery within the Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery, and on The 2009 winners were announced Saturday, Oct. 3, at ONA’s awards banquet at the conclusion of the group’s annual conference.

You can read more about the exhibit and Muckety’s award here.

Startups Win OJA Awards

October 4, 2009

In an article on, Staci Kramer highlights and some of the other newcomers recognized at the Online News Association’s 2009 Online Journalism Awards ceremony held in San Francisco on Saturday night.

The Online Journalism Awards have been fairly good at recognizing the work of some smaller or new sites over the years but the results announced at the crowded awards dinner at the San Francisco Hilton this weekend had a different aura. Yes, the New York Times won a couple, including general excellence for a large site, and so did BBC News,, Washington Post Digital… But the rest were spread among a fascinating mix that showed good work is being done by startups and established sites with various levels of resources and goals.

Muckety, a site that looks at news through the prism of relationships and connections, was recognized for outstanding use of digital technologies, small site. won the same category, large site, for its “super groundbreaking” interactive graphics.

You can read the entire article here.

OJA winners a memorable group

October 4, 2009


From left, Muckety co-founders Laurie Bennett and John Decker and editor Emily Morgan
From left, Muckety co-founders Laurie Bennett and John Decker and editor Emily Morgan. Photo by ONA.

Anna Bloom reports about the awards ceremony for the Online News Association:

Online Journalism Award (OJA) winners this year won’t soon be forgotten. In between an exhibit of Pulitzer prize-winning photography and drawers of newspapers dating back to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, many of 2009’s innovators and their projects will be welcomed into the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. The museum is archiving the winners as part of a new effort to preserve history in an era that is not naturally wired for nostalgia.

Of the 31 OJA winners, seven were chosen to be a part of the Newseum exhibit and permanent archives. Muckety is honored to have been selected as one of the winners whose project will become a part of this prestigious collection.

Another article on the ONA website highlights the judges comments about the winning entries.

Here are their comments about Muckety:

Outstanding Use of Digital Technologies, Small Site
This is impressive from a technical standpoint. Even if I can understand how these diagrams were built, it impresses me that they can be manipulated, expanded, contracted, saved, centered, trimmed, etc. at this level. Wow. Not only does this site’s technology produce cutting-edge and relevant journalism, but it allows you to do the same.

More information about the conference and contest is here.

Six Degrees of Anyone

May 19, 2009

New York Times
NYT Economix

Catherine Rampell at the New York Times writes about Muckety on the Economix blog at

A reader recently referred me to, a neat site that maps out social networks.

By social networks, I don’t mean Facebook, but the actual relationships between various public figures (imaginary ones too, it seems). The site, founded by three journalists in 2006, uses online databases and other research to show the connections among people of interest.

Frankly, it’s catnip for conspiracy theorists.

Read more from the New York Times

The rebirth of news

May 14, 2009

The Economist

Better technology coupled with new payment systems will not solve the acute problems faced by newspapers today, but should eventually provide new models to enable news to flourish in the digital age.

And already, there are signs that it will. New sources of news are proliferating online. Many, it is true, are unreliable. Most are badly funded. Some are the rantings of deranged extremists. But some—like Muckety, an American site which enriches news stories with interactive maps of the protagonists’ networks of influence… enhance society’s understanding of itself, and could not have existed in the old world.

Read more from the Economist

Muckety Founder Discusses Journalistic Entrepreneurship

November 15, 2008

Poynter screen grab

Chris Lavin of the San Diego Union Tribune has an interview of Muckety co-founder and president, Laurie Bennett, on the Poynter Institute’s web site.

Laurie Bennett is a lifelong journalist who sized up the shifting landscape of her profession years before most of her colleagues. In 1999 she left a job with Knight Ridder and moved into a farmhouse near, of all places, Podunk, N.Y.

Read more


November 11, 2008

Time logo

Time magazine online has a 2-minute bio of Obama friend and transition co-chair Valerie Jarrett which cites Muckety’s list of Chicago’s 100 most networked people.

She remains a key player in her hometown, where she serves as vice chair of the Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee and hobnobs with local entrepreneurs, journalists, politicians, union bosses and activists. Journalism website has listed her as one of the city’s “100 best networked.”

Read more

New York Times Topics

November 7, 2008

Times Topics, Tim Geithner

The New York Times added a Muckety story to the Timothy Geithner Navigator page which they call “a list of resources from around the Web about Timothy Geithner as selected by researchers and editors of The New York Times.”

June 16, 2008

When most of us think “social networking” the first thing that comes to mind are personal sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Recognizing the power of personal connection, is a news site that works in a fantastic interactive social network map connecting muckety-mucks in each news story.

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June 11, 2008

Gawker logo

Gawker screen

May 16, 2008

NYPost logo

Adam Bonislawski, a real estate writer for the New York Post, calls Muckety “Today’s Internet time waster” in a May blog post. is basically what you’d expect to get if you crossed the Oracle of Bacon web site with the membership list of Skull and Bones. Started two years ago by a trio of journalists, the site tracks the ties that bind the world’s various power players — diagramming, for instance, the web of acquaintances linking Paul Wolfowitz to, say, Swiss physicist Walter Kistler.

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April 8, 2008
Newsday logo

New Hillary strategist: Ties to her backers, labor

Mark Penn has been demoted because of his work for Colombia on a trade deal opposed by Hillary and some of her prominent labor supporters. As noted yesterday, one of his replacements — Hillary spokesman Howard Wolfson — owns a piece of a DC advocacy shop that also was retained by Colombia to do work on the same trade deal.

The other Penn replacement is pollster Geoffrey Garin (left). According to, a site which provides interactive social networking charts, Garin does work as a “strategic researcher” for two labor unions — the AFL-CIO, and the American Federation of Teacher — which looks like a bit of a contrast to Penn, whose ties to the management side always grated on Hillary’s labor supporters.

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