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Searching Muckety

You can search for names or organizations from the search box at the top right of every page, or from the search box within every Muckety map.

Exploring the maps

Muckety maps are interactive You can expand or delete entries, rearrange them, save maps and view maps full screen. Right click on a box in the map to see a list of options, or click on the Map Tools bar at the left of the map.

Boxes with + signs in the upper right corner have more relationships than are shown in the map. You can see these by doubleclicking on the box. Or just click once and press e. Or click on the box you’re interested in, go to Map Tools and choose expand.

Dotted lines between boxes in a map indicate former relationships. Solid lines represent current relationships.

Color key

Here are the major color categories in Muckety maps:

People (living)
People (deceased)
Russian businesses
Law and lobby firms
Trade & professional groups
Colleges & schools
Political organizations

Selected boxes are outlined in pink.

Map Tools

If you click on the Map Tools bar at the left of the map, a toolbox will open, showing various options. The shortcuts on the right (such as e for expand, or d for delete) can be done by pressing that key on your keyboard after selecting the box or boxes you want to expand or delete.

Drag your mouse over each option for a more complete description of what it will do.


When there are seven or more people or organizations with the same relationship to another person or organization, they’ll be grouped in the map. (An example would be the U.S. Senate, where current senators and former senators are grouped.

To ungroup them, simply double click on the group box. Or just click once on the box and press u. Or click on the box you’re interested in, go to Map Tools and choose ungroup.

Beware: Large groups, when ungrouped, can overcrowd your map! You might want to switch to fullscreen before ungrouping.

Searching for once-removed connections

You can search for connections between two names by using AND in your query. Let’s say, for example, you want to know if there are any direct connections between the Obama White House and AIG. You could search for:

Obama administration AND AIG

On your results page, check the boxes for American International Group and Barack Obama administration. Then click the MucketyMap button. You’ll see that Richard C. Holbrooke - U.S. special envoy and a former AIG director - connects the two.

Saving maps

Once you’ve finished expanding, deleting and arranging relationships, you can save your results by right-clicking or going to the Map Tools box and selecting save. Be sure to save the URL so that you can call up the map later, or send it to others.

You can create a title for the map, by overwriting the default title, “My Saved Map.” We’ve noted that some users try to retrieve saved maps by using the title. This doesn’t work, you need the URL.

Muckety does not edit or censor user-created maps. However, we will delete maps with profane or offensive titles, or with more than 250 actors. Saved maps may change over time, as we add and delete records.


  • #1.   Paul Kruse 10.28.2014

    Looking for information on Chris Clien owner of mining company (GTAC) in northern Wisconsin. can’t find it on your website.

  • #2.   Laurie Bennett 10.28.2014

    It’s spelled Cline:

  • #3.   Jim Wolf 12.07.2014

    I’ve been very impressed with this tool for several years, however, today I found some very outdated information on Mallinckrodt. Surprising for a publicly traded company. It still displays is as being owned by Tyco (which did happen in 2000), but was actually restructured under Tyco Healthcare which was spun off under the name Covidien in 2007. After a few years of announcing plans to spin off the pharmaceuticals business, Mallinckrodt Plc finally became a seperate company in June 2013, now publicly traded under MNK.

    Raymond F. Bentele, who you have listed as Pres/CEO, retired in the 1990’s!

    Mark C. Trudeau is President and Chief Executive Officer, and also serves on the Board of Directors.

  • #4.   Laurie Bennett 12.08.2014

    Thanks for your note. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that we list Raymond F. Bentele as a *former* president & CEO. In Muckety maps, dotted lines mark former relationships. (He’s also listed as “past” beneath the map.)

  • #5.   K 04.04.2015

    Hi, it would be nice to be able to constrain searches just to those results with a given relationship label, like search for the word Aerospace and only those hits with one or more relationships of type “director”, etc. Thanks!

  • #6.   Laurie Bennett 04.06.2015

    You can delete relationships that you’re not interested in, then save the resulting map. Just move the irrelevant boxes to one part of the map. Click on the background and drag your mouse to highlight them (selected boxes will be outlined in pink). Go to “Map Tools” and select “delete.” You can rearrange the remaining boxes to suit your needs, then go to Map Tools and select “save map.”

  • #7.   Mari Moss-Yawn 05.13.2015

    Hello, I love this map as a fundraiser and Corporate Responsibility person. It is a great resource. I think it could be an even greater resource if you add a political arm of connections. It seems as though money and politics go hand in hand. Perhaps that could be too revealing, but I think it could be helpful in a number of ways.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,


  • #8.   Laurie Bennett 05.13.2015

    Not sure what you mean by “political arm.” We list many, many political connections. We do not, however, map most donations, because there are simply so many of them that they would clog the maps. We do list such donations in text on each person’s profile page.

  • #9.   Meredith Lill 06.05.2015

    Hi Laurie
    I am very interested in extending the Muckety reach downunder. I would like to track organisations and thought elders in healthcare in the Asia/Pacific region. I would like to start a dialogue about how to populate the healthcare map and perhaps expand into other related fields. Do you have:
    - some pricing information
    - an affilate/partners program?

    Many thanks,

  • #10.   David 10.14.2015

    When will you stop using Flash?

  • #11.   dawnatilla 12.11.2015

    Hey Laurie..I love Muckety it is a useful tool on my blog…
    but I have a question..I notice that the SPCA is listed, but not PETA…why is that?

  • #12.   Laurie Bennett 12.11.2015

    We haven’t found significant connections between the PETA board members and other entities in our database.

  • #13.   George Joseph 03.17.2016

    Just wanted to say what a big fan of your work I am! Here’s to network analysis!

    George Joseph

  • #14.   Dan Derby 07.18.2016

    Big fan and a great tool. However, using Flash cuts out all iOS, MacOS and anybody who is concerned about the security issues involved with Flash. What are your plans to bring your tool in to compliance with HTML5 and bipassing Flash?

  • #15.   Laurie Bennett 07.18.2016

    Would love to, once we have the resources. (We’re self-funded.)

  • #16.   Linda 10.07.2016

    Any chance to have Jose Manuel Barroso’s relationships map updated ? Thanks

  • #17.   Laurie Bennett 10.07.2016

    Yes. He’s in our next data upload.

  • #18.   Zara de Saint Hilaire 12.24.2016

    Hello Laurie Bennett,
    Concerning one error on the map of Jehan-Christophe de La Haye Saint Hilaire. He is divorced from Constance Milstein.

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