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Here are some of our favorite Muckety maps over the years. After viewing the story, you may want to click on the “View large map” link that appears below each map, so you have more room to expand connections.

  • It’s a boy!
    Aside from the paparazzi, the sartorial pressures and the scrutiny of a perfectly behaved great-grandmother, Baby Boy Cambridge has the burden of so many names.

  • The widening Petraeus scandal
    Readers thanked us for this one. The players and their connections were becoming to complicated to keep track without a map.

  • Mapping the e-book wars
    Titans such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony and Microsoft are vying for majority stakes in digital readers and distribution.

  • What do bundlers get?
    Our map shows ambassador appointments of wealthy, connected people who raised money for the 2008 Obama campaign.

  • The Coca-Cola power network
    They are the Coca-Cola kings - billionaires and multi-millionaires who sit on the beverage company board and hold millions of dollars in company stock, with millions more invested elsewhere.

  • The Kean-Fish political dynasty
    The Kean-Fish clan has had a place in American government in every century since the days when New York was a Dutch colony.

  • The Pritzker fortune and the Obama campaign
    Tonight, President Obama will speak at a ceremony honoring this year’s winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, named for the family that built a fortune with the Hyatt Hotels chain.

  • Newt Gingrich’s well-funded network
    It’s been more than two decades since Newt Gingrich has run a real campaign. But he has been busy for years, building connections that could help him mount a presidential run.

  • Evolution of a wedding dress
    The veiled creation was unveiled this morning. And as many had suspected, it was the work of Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton.

  • Claire Bloom links Hollywood generations
    In a gracious acceptance speech at the Screen Actors Guild awards Sunday, Geoffrey Rush thanked Claire Bloom for putting the “The King’s Speech” cast “one degree of separation from Charlie Chaplin.”

  • DeLay staffers find new jobs in D.C.
    Many of Tom DeLay’s former aides are faring much better than their old boss, who faces a three-year prison term for illegally plotting to funnel corporate campaign contributions to candidates.

  • The Brown bourbon dynasty
    Rarely does nepotism have the long-term success it has had at Brown-Forman, the company that makes Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort and a host of other alcoholic beverages.

  • The Lindberghs: Born to politics
    Our review of family relationships in this year’s congressional elections recently led us, however improbably, to the Lindberghs.

  • The Chafees, the Tafts and the family business
    Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican who endorsed Barack Obama early in the last presidential campaign, is attracting an electic group of supporters in his run as an independent candidate for Rhode Island governor.

  • The Houghton-Weinberg web
    When Sidney Weinberg Jr. died this week, The New York Times described him as part of a family dynasty at Goldman Sachs.

  • The Deschanel cabal
    Word of Emily Deschanel’s marriage Saturday to actor-writer David Hornsby gives us an excuse to chart the Deschanel clan.

  • Biopic to put Maxwell Perkins in starring role
    Early in his marriage, Maxwell Perkins told his wife Louise that he wanted to be “a little dwarf on the shoulder of a great general advising him what to do and what not to do, without anyone’s noticing.”

  • The Hearsts wear Prada
    As sometimes happens when moneyed families hold onto their fortunes, the Hearst progeny get better looking with each generation.

  • Six degrees of Kyra Sedgwick
    The game may be named for her husband, Kevin Bacon, but Kyra Sedgwick is the one with the real power connections.

  • The colorful, connected life of Thomas Hoving
    Thomas Hoving died in December, after multiple careers in which he showed off his exquisite taste and his talent for attracting media attention. He was commissioner of New York City Parks, director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and editor of Connoisseur magazine.

  • Lost no more
    We’re left so many questions and ambiguities. Is everyone dead, or just Jack? If everyone, did they die in the original plane crash or later? And where’s Richard?

  • Buffett-Gates friendship too big to fail
    The much publicized friendship between Warren Buffett and Bill Gates has become an empire - extending even beyond Buffett’s huge gift to the Gates Foundation.

  • The network of the book
    Geraldine Brooks wrote a memorable novel a couple of years ago about a readers’ web. People of the Book describes the travels of a 14th-century Jewish manuscript known as the Sarajevo Haggadah.

  • More Obama bundlers named to ambassador jobs
    President Obama yesterday named former DNC finance chairman Philip D. Murphy to be U.S. ambassador to Germany, the latest in a growing list of political nominations to diplomatic positions.

  • Obama administration is a family affair
    Declan Power-Sunstein, born last month to power couple Samantha Power and Cass Sunstein, has been hailed as the Obama administration’s “first baby.”

  • Related by scandal
    When Carrie Fisher’s teenaged daughter began flirting with Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson, Fisher decided it was time to chart family relationships.

  • Robert Rubin’s disciples dominate Obama economic team
    Barack Obama’s economic team is stunning for its homogeneity. Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers and Peter Orszag are all proteges of former Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin, a centrist economist who was one of the key Democratic architects of the financial deregulation undertaken in the Clinton years.


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