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  • #1.   rivers Romero 01.13.2014

    You are missing Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, a partner at monument policy group, who was the first Hispanic woman staff director in the house when she served as staff director of house homeland security committee. Also affiliated with CNP think-tank and justice department

  • #2.   fe 01.29.2014

    i like to subscribe

  • #3.   Roy Crim 02.26.2014

    Looking at the George Soros matrix– I find it odd that Jeffery Sachs ..the UN .. the Open Society ..and the UN Millennium Project is not cited.. in fact I have a real issue with the UN and the Millennium Project being veiled and only referenced in a menagerie of bureaucratic entanglements whenever I see a thing posted about it.

    On You Tube I found a statement to the press after Pope Francis I hosted UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the Vatican , Moon said something at the end where both he and Francis were extremely pleased that their meeting had taken place on the 1000th day marker from full implementation of the UN Millennium Project Goals.

    I also want to know why with Jeffery Sachs heading up this program and his past with Soros in Romania Poland and other manipulations of currencies and Nation building why this criminal gets away with the manipulations and controlling the narrative about their pillaging? I greatly appreciate the resource Muckety represents maybe I am just asking too much– then again The UN Millennium Project is supposed to be the vehicle to the World living under one brand of Socialism as Soros yearns for in his Open Society initiative — the relationship with Sachs demands proper exposure..

  • #4.   Laurie Bennett 02.26.2014

    You probably should explore our database a bit more. Here’s a map we quickly drew without any additional info being added to our database:

  • #5.   Lila Wiggs 02.27.2014

    Hello Info.

    I would like to be able to utilize muckety for relationship mapping in a fundraising capacity for a mental health hospital. I will be the only user so, would the “server license” mention on your site be suitable? If so, what is the price? Also, perhaps you recommend something else. I want to have the ability to print searches and connections.

    Thank You!!

    Lila Wiggs
    Director of Marketing & Development
    4211 South Avalon Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90011
    o 323.233.0425 x266
    f 323.233.5015
    c 310.998.7913

  • #6.   jonathan mcdooling 06.04.2014

    please send onformation regarding licensing your product. thanks Jonathan

  • #7.   Will Miller 06.06.2014

    I have always wanted to create a massive database of the connections between the rich and influential people of the world. When I stumbled upon this website I was excited beyond belief at how much information you have compiled. Great work! If you ever need a CPA to siphon through some financial documents or stories, I’d be glad to help on the side.

    Keep up the good work and congrats on your award.


  • #8.   Laurie Bennett 06.06.2014

    Thnks so much.

  • #9.   Daniel vd Westhuizen 07.18.2014

    The following search did not respond to any detail expansion:

    American Friends of Bilderberg

    All the boxes wit a + did not open.

  • #10.   Laurie Bennett 07.18.2014

    Hmmm. We just tried it and it worked fine for us. Is it possible you don’t have Flash?

    Flash is required for the maps. See:

  • #11.   Jay Byrne 08.27.2014

    Please contact me about licensing Muckety software pricing plans for non-profits. Thank you.

    Jay Byrne

  • #12.   CRUZ 11.13.2014

    Just wondering if there’s any relation between the Biblical archaeologist William Foxwell Albright & Madeline Albright.


  • #13.   Cindy 02.10.2015

    I need to find the more hidden connections and funding for the Convention of States Project (COS) headed by Michael Farris. Currently there is no Muckety graphic for COS. Some of the main groups connected to it are: Citizens for Self-Convernance headed by Mark Meckler (former founder of the Tea Party Patriots), the Independence Institute (where Rob Natelson promotes COS), the Tea Party Patriots, and more. Here is one link to some of the connections via the State Policy Network which COS may be connected to:

  • #14.   Chris Espinosa 03.26.2015

    You should add Earthjustice - and any organization that does lobbying disclosures for that matter.

  • #15.   Tamara Johnson 04.24.2015

    Would like to know more information on your product pricing and services.

  • #16.   Jason 04.25.2015

    Hi There,

    We’d like to use your relationship mapping software for an internal company project to connect people, companies, relationships, etc. Is it possible to license your product for this purpose?


  • #17.   marty kelly 05.17.2015

    Terms and conditions for the licence

  • #18.   Catherine 06.13.2015

    I am writing to ask how much a monthly bill might be. I am an individual without any ties to businesses or organizations. This site is being built for people to learn how expose corruption through research, writing original content, and effective use of media.

    The site is currently offline while experimenting with Drupal modules. However I will email a username and password with a login link so the site can be reviewed.

    So far I’ve recruited:

    * an ex-pharma researcher
    * a few young people who write well and one not-quite-big-time performance artist on a mission to change the world :.)
    * retired programmer and mathematician
    * a few serious minded people with an interest in researching corruption
    * a dozen or so general supporters who will share our content
    * a like minded person who hosts a weekly 1 hour radio time slot

    I realize Muckety Maps may not want to be associated with a group of non-business people intent on exposing corruption. It’s all good. Thank you for your time :.)


  • #19.   Stephen Johnson 03.30.2016

    Why is S Fitzgerald Haney still listed as nominee to be Ambassador to Costa Rica if he was confirmed 10 months ago??
    Wow - I thought Muckety was more up to date than that - second question - who cares?

  • #20.   Laurie Bennett 03.31.2016

    We’ve updated the information. Thanks for the help, Sunshine!

  • #21.   Eric Butash 07.01.2016

    Hi There,

    We’d like to use your relationship mapping software for an internal organization project to connect people, companies, relationships, etc. Is it possible to license your product for this purpose?


  • #22.   Tom Cleveland 07.18.2016

    I am interested in pricing for license model 1 where you host my data and present in maps.


    Tom Cleveland
    Sales Operations
    Synaptive Medical

  • #23.   Don Campbell 10.26.2016

    No information regarding G4S.

  • #24.   Robert Williams 11.10.2016

    Hello I am interested in speaking with someone at your firm to discuss your product in more detail. I am also interested in hiring your firm on specific project(s) for our firm.

  • #25.   Adis M. Vila 11.14.2016

    Friends have told me they are surprised that I am not included in MUCKETY. Please check out my LinkedIn profile and let me know how I might get included.

  • #26.   ZARA DE LA HAYE SAINT HILAIRE 11.28.2016

    In your map MUCKETY, I have to ask you to delete the name of Jehan Christophe de La Haye Saint Hilaire, from Constance Milstein connections as husband. He is divorced and he does not live in USA.
    Many thanks.

  • #27.   Laurie Bennett 11.29.2016


    Since we don’t know who you are, maybe you could provide a confirming link for the information.

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