About Muckety scores

Muckety scores use connections to measure influence.

If someone has a score of 99, it means that he or she has more connections and influence than 99 percent of the others in our listings of the most influential people in America.

Rankings reflect the scope of the Muckety database, which focuses primarily on U.S. business, government, politics and entertainment.

Foreign dignataries and foreign business leaders are excluded from our influence scoring, as are people who are deceased or criminally charged.

Although we don’t yet rank most businesses or organizations, we do rate the Muckety of Fortune 1000 boards. This rating was derived by compiling average influence for directors of each company, then comparing it to other Fortune 1000 companies. Ratings reflect directors’ overall influence in all spheres, not just within the specified company.

Relationships and influence are in constant flux. We add new data daily and regularly refine our measurements. If you believe we have overlooked important information or miscalculated, let us know.

If you are interested in a custom influence search, based on location or field of interest, please contact us.


  • #1.   Joanne R Harrell 03.12.2014

    I love your tool.. I’m also on the board of AGB, The Association of Governing Boards and the Brookings Intuition Metropolitan Policy Program Strategy Council.

  • #2.   Mark Jansen 04.28.2014

    And More… Bradley Foundation, FreedomWorks, Keystone XL, Jeb Bush, Charter School Industry, (A.L.E.C. agenda)

    “Easy-Rider” Mitch Deserves a Higher Score.
    “Bradley Foundation Awards $250,000 Prizes To Roger Ailes, Mitch Daniels”
    ~ Christina Wilkie - Huffington Post, {Subscribe}, 06-12-13

    (I don’t think I can leave the LINKS ↑ …that will take you there)

    “Popular Republican Governor Reflects On The GOP’s First 100 Days As The Opposition Party. Indiana’s Gov. Mitch Daniels On Changing The ‘Party Of No”
    ~ Live Leak, {Subscribe}, (date: begin 2009?)

    “Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.” Biography (+ RARE M.D. Articles Links)
    ~ Source Watch, {Subscriber Supported} (see Links here - SW)

    “Education Reformers …David Coleman, John Podesta, Tony Bennett, Todd Huston, Mitch Daniels, Condoleeza Rice”
    ~ Fort Wayne 912

    Gov. Mitch Daniels Spends $66,000 From *IN Taxpayers for Keystone XL (KOCH Bros)
    “Lobbying Disclosures Reveal Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels Used state dollars To Lobby For Keystone XL Pipeline”
    ~ Josh Israel & Brad Johnson, ThinkProgress Green, {Subscriber Supported}, 01-25-12

    also …8 of 10/10 Purdue Trustees who nominated Mitch for President of Purdue were appointed by him with a portion of them being campaign donors and probably a few have connections to the charter school “Pay-To-Play” Industry.

  • #3.   Jenn S. 11.30.2014

    Happened upon your site while researching for a Sociology paper… THANK YOU! This site is amazing and I will be recommending it to others in the Sociology program at WOU! The information you put together is so important!
    Keep up the work!

  • #4.   Michael O'Neal 04.19.2016

    soooooooooooo; when Hillary is finally indicted/ charged we won’t have to be subjected to her 99 rating any longer? She becomes a ZERO? How appropriate!!!!

  • #5.   Laurie Bennett 04.19.2016

    Hillarious(sic) that you feel “subjected” to Hillary’s Muckety score. Can’t imagine how many times you’re victimized in the course of a really bad day.

    Donald Trump, btw, is also a 99.

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