Where billionaires meet: the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

By Laurie Bennett

April 27, 2014 at 8:34am

Chaired by billionaire Leonard Lauder and founded by his late wife, Evelyn, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is one of the most connected nonprofits in New York.

In addition to Leonard Lauder, former chairman of Estee Lauder Companies, two other family members sit on the group’s leaders council.

The interactive Muckety map above shows some of the most influential people serving on the board of directors, advisory board and leaders council.

Leonard Lauder
Leonard Lauder

We’ve extended the map to show spouses who are prominent business leaders. The map includes nine billionaires in addition to Leonard Lauder:

  • Ronald S. Lauder
  • Richard S. Lefrak
  • Lynda R. Resnick
  • Stewart A. Resnick
  • Julian H. Robertson Jr.
  • Wilbur L. Ross Jr.
  • Stephen A. Schwarzman
  • George Soros (through his late brother Paul)
  • Joan H. Tisch

The foundation, which underwrites medical research in the U.S. and abroad, reported more than $71 million in donations and grants last year. As you might imagine, fundraising events are a big deal, costing $11 million.

The annual “Hot Pink Party” is scheduled for Monday. Elton John is performing and Elizabeth Hurley will emcee.

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  • #1.   April Rosen 05.02.2014

    BCRF CEO Myra Biblowit has been paid over 1.2 million dollars over the past two years in salary. How many mammograms could that pay for? How much research has not been funded due to this HUGE salary. She makes more than the CEO of the American Red Cross each year despite raising less than a quarter of what the Red Cross raises each year. Outrageous!!!

  • #2.   CJ 12.11.2015

    Oh my God that’s appalling that Myra Biblowit’s 1.2 million dollars in the past 2 years! The money is donated for Breast Cancer Research not for her to get Rich. Shame on her! Apparently she doesn’t have a concious! This is why the hard working people & the fix income people like me don’t donate money anymore because the CEOs take all the money in salary to sit in a fancy office, with their designer clothes & talk a bunch of nonsense. Truly sad & heartbreaking to Breast Cancer Research!

  • #3.   John H. Tierney 12.28.2015

    I will not be donating to your Breast Cancer Reseach and Support Fund for two primary reasons:
    1. Your CEO is over paid and should actually be serving free gratis

    2. I will not support any organization that has George Soros involved in any way shape or form

  • #4.   Laurie Bennett 12.28.2015

    Please understand that the site you’re commenting on is MUCKETY, which has no relationship to the fund or to any of the organizations profiled in the Muckety database.

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