Patricia Altschul’s moneyed connections

By Laurie Bennett

April 2, 2014 at 8:45am

One of the most visited profiles on Muckety in recent weeks has been that of socialite Patricia Altschul.

The reason for the interest is her occasional, haughty presence on “Southern Charm,” Bravo’s reality TV show about the upper crust in Charleston, SC.

Altschul, the mother of cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith, established her social standing in New York before paying $4.8 million for a Charleston mansion in 2008.

The interactive Muckety map above shows her patrician creds. (Roll your mouse over connecting lines to see relationships.)

She is the widow of banker and philanthropist Arthur Altschul, who died in 2002 at age 81. The two had married in 1996. It was the fourth marriage for Arthur Altschul, who was a partner at Goldman, Sachs.

His father was also a banker. His mother, Helen Altschul, was a niece of Herbert Lehman, a U.S. senator and governor of New York.

Herbert Lehman’s father, Mayer Lehman, was a co-founder of Lehman Brothers.

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  • #1.   Gail 03.10.2015

    She is shallow, rude selfish rude gold digger who drinks too much, she is pickled and a -itch

  • #2.   donna 03.13.2015

    Don’t be so benign!!!!

  • #3.   Awesome 03.14.2015

    But we love her! Just not sure about that marriage.

  • #4.   M E B 03.16.2015

    Why is she such a pompous bitch? Wasn’t her money. She was the 4th wife. She isn’t the first. So she doesn’t count to others.

  • #5.   Matt Garrett 03.18.2015

    Must admit she reminds me of my own mother… Love them both.

    Regards, Matt.

  • #6.   PatriciaK 03.25.2015

    I just LOVE her snide remarks - so tongue-in-cheek! Seriously, when was the last time ’shameless strumpet’ was uttered on television? She’s hilarious!

  • #7.   laven 03.26.2015

    Does she know who her baby daddy is?

  • #8.   Tammy 03.27.2015

    I just love you your money so Darling do as you please

  • #9.   Margaret 03.29.2015

    I want to be Patricia Altschul when I grow up.

  • #10.   Whitney Sudler-Smith 04.02.2015

    Who is Whitney Sudler-Smith’s biological father? Im trying to figure out if Whitney “truly”, for lack of a better word, came from money. The Bravo TV site conveniently glosses over Whitney’s childhood. As far as I can tell Whitney, or Whitney’s family, didn’t have any money until his mother married into money via Arthur Altschul. There’s no doubt Altschul has, or had, F-U money… but did Whitney & Patricia have any bread before Pat scored with Arthur Altschul? Whitney and his mother seem sort of snide, or as*holish -which to me reeks of new, married money (not old money, as the show leads one to believe).

    I could be wrong, but Im guessing Whitney & Patricia were not 1%’ers, and far from it, until Patricia started banging Altschul. What’s the scoop on Whitney’s biological father? Does he drive a septic cleaning truck in Secaucus? Any info. on the Whitney Sudler-Smith legacy would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy his show, Southern Charm… particulary the episodes in which Whitney makes grammatical errors on camera. Good stuff! Peace & Love, Peace & Love!

  • #11.   Kathy 04.04.2015

    Love the diatribe above…totally agree…this sounds like New MOney. Please fill us in about Whitney and Patricia pre-Altschul. Love the show and all of its characters.

  • #12.   Whitney Sudler-Smith 04.06.2015

    Whitney’s Dad is “Lon H Smith”. Patricia Altschul used to be known as Patsy D Smith, also Patsy Dey Smith. Public Records note Lon H Smith (Whitney Sudler Smith ’s biological father) has lived here: Easton, MD · Washington, DC · Deerfield Beach, FL · Boynton Beach, FL.

    Patsy D Smith (Whitney’s mother, aka, Patricia Altschul) is from, per public records, Washington D.C.

    I thought I smelled a rat w/ respect to Whitney’s “persona” on Southern Charm. I doubt Lon made the kind of scratch Arthur Altschul made. It also is evident Whitney Sudler-Smith doesn’t carry old school Charleston roots/lineage.

    Does anybody out there know Lon Hayes Smith or Patsy Dey Smith from back in the day? Say circa 1968ish? Around the time when Patsy squeezed out little Whitney? Scooby Dooby Doo “y’all”!

  • #13.   Whitney Sudler-Smith 04.06.2015

    Looks like Whitney’s Dad didn’t marry well post divorce from Patsy. Here’s his digs in Deerfield Beach, FL.


  • #14.   LC 04.08.2015

    I just saw that Whitney graduated from the same high school in DC as my husband (and it was small). I need to grab his yearbook and see if he remembers him. They are the same age. I wonder if he was at the 20 year reunion we went to when we first started dating. Lol

  • #15.   LC 04.08.2015

    I went into my husband’s office and started thumbing through his yearbook. When he asked what I was looking for I said I wanted to look up someone. He asked who and I said “Whitney smith do you remember him?” He said “spoiled privileged kid. Lives in a mansion, wasn’t very outgoing. His parents were never around so a lot of parties at his house. Why?” I told him he is on a reality show now (he’s never heard of southern charm). Whitney is born and raised in DC so his “southerness” is debateable.

  • #16.   Dave G 04.14.2015

    Whitney and his family were middle-class at best (not even upper middle-class when he was in HS). I actually did go to HS with Whitney, but maybe LC’s husband remembers Whitney from his mid-later 20’s & 30’s. Whitney and his biological parents lived in a typical row-house, apartment, def. middle-class and by no means a mansion. It wasn’t until Whitney was in college and moreso post-college that any “mansion life” began. His biological father did not make the type of money his stepfather made. Whitney’s mother Pat, was Altschul’s third or fourth wife, and ofc Whitney wasn’t Arthur’s biological son. Perhaps Pat received a nice ne$t egg once Altschul passed, and money goes farther in the south vs New York or DC. *Data point Whitney either lives with his Mom or rents. He is living off his mother’s inheritance from Altschul. Southern Charm may make him a few bucks as exec producer, but I hope he takes the same route as Spencer Pratt (another Reality TV cast member who pretended to have family, big-money). Maybe LC is a publicist, but I can say with 100% certainty Whitney wasn’t a Silver Spoon kiddo.

  • #17.   Murphy 05.10.2015

    I knew Pat and Whitney in DC area. Whitney’s Dad is small potatoes, middle-america.

    Whitney is so removed from old money the show’s theme is hilarious to those who knew Pat and Whitney back in DC. Their show is more like UN-Reality TV.

    Pat pretends to be old money because Whitney is exec-producer of the show. Southern Charm’s Kathryn has a larger net-worth than Pat did before she married old-man Altschul.

  • #18.   Murphy 05.10.2015

    Here’s a good read for you if inclined to hear about Patsy’s thieving days!

  • #19.   Katharine Spann 05.19.2015

    Pat has a Cease and Disist Order against Tamara’s website allegations. Those allegations were taken from Mrs Kent Cooke who, after only being married for 73 days, was angry that she was not given more money. Apparently she is notorious in NYC, and not at the top of the social register. Patricia was an art dealer and very well known long before Mr Aschul. The prestigious Boards that she sits on vets their members thoroughly. If she had these obvious skeletons, she would not be on the Heritage Trust Foundation, Etc.

  • #20.   guest 05.25.2015

    I cannot stand this *itch who is nothing but a phony. She slept her way into money and then her scum bag of a phony son snark on Kathryn. At least Kathryn comes from the long line of real Southern political families and I think this *itch and her phony little wanna be brat are too much- cannot stand either one of them.

  • #21.   South of Broad 04.18.2016

    Is SOUTHERN CHARM nothing more than Grey Gardenias and the Charleston Kindergarten Club?
    The Bravo show is laughable for anyone really connected to Charleston. When South Carolina’s cocaine cowboy knocks up a girl from the old Calhoun line, does anyone hope for a real peek into Charleston society. Caneron Eubanks needs to go to a finishing school, Whitnery needs to find another regional moniker to claim, Shep Rose is just pure lazy, totally University of Georgia. Craig should have stayed in Delaware to gain anything in a law profession. He does not cut the standards of Charleston legal circles. Everyone still wonders about all of those hot pink socks and such. Must have been on King Street at Ben Silver’s. And now we wait for “the book” promised by Miss P. Isn’ that the same line from the Housewives franchises? The famous book deals? But remember that the real NY trendsetting party author, Carolyne Roehm, is just down the street in her new party palace sans Mr. Mario “Chintz” decor. Well enough facts from a real S.O.B. know it all. Get out the silver polish and vodka, the season is not over.

  • #22.   Miss Puffy Puss 06.08.2016

    At first, I enjoyed Patricia but I no longer do. The haughtiness and rude remarks are so off-putting. Anyone else notice most of her snide remarks are directed at women and that a lot of the get togethers at her house are for male guests? Nary a woman, besides herself around.

  • #23.   WEHO 06.22.2016

    Anyone hear the story that Whitney was tossed out of SOHO House out here for repeatedly using Gay Slurs?

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