More info Romney doesn’t want you to have: bundler names

By Laurie Bennett

October 13, 2012 at 8:35am

In the Romney campaign, the list of bundlers is stored in the same place as tax returns from 2009 and before - out of the public eye.

Mitt Romney is the first presidential nominee in recent years to refuse to release the names of people raising money for his election. President Obama has disclosed the names of his bundlers each quarter.

So it’s a challenge to compile a complete list. The map above is the latest iteration of influential people in the Muckety database, based on filings by lobbyists (who are required to report their campaign fundraising), finance committee members and hosts of fundraising events.

Robert Duvall
Robert Duvall

One is Florida investor Marc Leder, host of the now-infamous event at which Romney was videotaped talking about the 47 percent.

Actor Robert Duvall raised more than $800,00 by hosting an event at his Virginia farm.

Other hosts have included former Vice President Dick Cheney, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, financier Ronald Perelman, and billionaire brothers David Koch and William Koch.

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The following links take you to more information about each person:

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  • #1.   Jonathan Saunders 10.13.2012

    This only furthers just how shady the entire Romney/Ryan campaign has been from the beginning. By now, everyone knows the disgrace of the Koch brothers, the racist/homophobic/anti-woman policies of both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and since the Vice President’s triumphant win over Congressman Ryan in the debate it has become even more clear that this ticket leads straight to failure. Particularly the Congressman, who has at this point displayed such hypocrisy and such a mishandling of the truth that I fear him a profoundly negative example for everyone. Democrats and Republicans need to be able to live peacefully and work together - but we can’t to that with politicians like him trying to play both sides, work the system, and lie to get as many votes as they can. It’s really disheartening. The stimulus funds are a perfect example. As is in the debate when he admitted to the two letters he wrote the Vice President from Wisconsin, only after being called out. There were actually four. The moderator, kindly, offered him the chance to clear up confusion over the Romney “tax plan” - and he refused. Fatal error. Taxes are, essentially, what politicians plan to do with “your hard earned money”. That is serious business for *any citizen. And he would not even elaborate on any specifics or offer any details on what their plan was? That is not okay.
    Now, do we even need to go into the fact that the congressmen voted *against American women being able to be paid at the same rate as American men for doing the same work?
    This is not American. It never was and it never will be.
    There is no “good” principle there. No integrity. And that does matter. A great deal.

  • #2.   jack francis 10.13.2012

    Think of the innocent dead in Iraq and you just hope these scum wallow in their unchanged pampers a few hours a day.
    justice would be to drop off duvall, Cheney,johnson,perry etc on dark corner in Bagdad at 3am
    in their briefs and let them face the relatives of the dead and maimed children.
    Romney bleeds Mormon blood not USA…what goes Romney ever served

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