Oprah truly built her own network

By Laurie Bennett

May 26, 2011 at 11:17am

The show is over, but the conglomerate that is Oprah Winfrey lives on.

Winfrey’s syndicated talk show was the means toward empire building. However, as our Muckety map shows, it eventually became a single node on a high-profile, high-profit web.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

The Oprah Winfrey Network,, known as OWN and jointly owned by Oprah Winfrey and Discovery Communications, debuted on Jan. 1. Its first few months were lackluster, but the network has been aggressively adding new programs.

Winfrey chairs the Harpo Entertainment Group, which has subsidiaries involved in TV, radio and film. She appears monthly on the cover of her magazine, O.

She has also founded numerous nonprofit groups, including Oprah’s Angel Network, a foundation and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

The academy was both the realization of a dream and a painful embarrassment, when charges of abuse at the school became public. Oprah later said she was “devastated” by the reported abuse, but never regretted establishing the academy.

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  • #1.   Escada 05.26.2011

    It is a great honor sending my humble comment through this special page towards the the most Prestigious Person at all. Oprah,this is Escada from Kuwait, I admire your great experience life view towards the hidden parts in ourlives. You are the One who thought the people how to live as a people, and how to treat people around the world. You have your special spiritually language where you use it to heel wanded people, and the wanded world. I wish from the long distance from Kuwait to keep on tuch with your extended family around the world, because some people feel good and happy when they see your beautiful smile. Oprah you are tuching the whole societies around the gloab, and I’m one of them, where I’m Arabic, and Muslim, but you’ve greately affected me. Oprha, when you smile the world will simle also, and when your tears pops down be sure that the worlds’ tears will fall down also. Loving you.


  • #2.   Bernadette Collins 05.26.2011

    dear Oprah, thank you for the twenty-five years . We all miss you already. You have brought much comfort to me . I have learned so much from you. You have a generous and loving nature. I learned how to listen, pray and be generous with my time . I also learned how to apply make-up, color my hair and eat right. I plan to watch OWN and hope you are on the shows as much as possible. You can never retire…The world and me need you. I just want to tell you that I am 71yo AND i am still working. I FOUND my calling working with the mentally ill. I have learned gratitude and kindness and laughter from your show I lov e you. You will always have a place in my heart. sincerely, Bernadette Collins May God bless you always….

  • #3.   Tiesha L. Williams and Debra D. Williams 05.26.2011

    Dear Oprah

    Thank you so much for your 25 years of service on the Oprah Show. I learn and grow at the same time by watching your show every since I was six years old and my mother is a big fan of your show. You is a woman who have a heart of gold that nobody cannot stop you from continuing on your journey you finish one chapter and you start on another chapter. I love you and I will miss your show that maybe one day I meet you in person that what I always dream about I watch you laugh, cry, being the kindness of your heart and love and cherish more and may God continueing on blessing you always and forever. :)

  • #4.   Mrs virk 05.27.2011

    your viewers.
    Dear Oprah
    you will be missed in TV history . we love u from our heart. You had make us cried all day today .
    . i wish you best of luck and for your net work. i have a dream to meet you in near future.
    mrs virk

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