Remembering Ann Richards

By Laurie Bennett

April 9, 2011 at 4:35am

Watching Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards deftly respond to the threats from the right, we can’t help but think of her mother, the late Ann Richards.

As state treasurer of Texas, Ann Richards delivered one zinger after another in her keynote speech at the 1988 Democratic National Convention. The most memorable line, drawing a roar from the crowd: “Poor George, he can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.”

Ann Richards
Ann Richards

Although Richards did her best with what she had to work with, even her wit couldn’t propel Michael Dukakis to victory over George H.W. Bush.

Her performance did accelerate her own political career, however, and by 1991 she was governor.

She lost her re-election bid to an up-and-comer named George W. Bush. So many what-ifs and if-onlys followed that campaign.

Richards died of cancer in 2006. We suspect that if she were here today, she would leap at the chance to ridicule those set on destroying her daughter’s organization.

Yet Richards wasn’t all about jokes. Listen to her speech from 23 years ago, with its mentions of equal opportunity for women, homelessness, union busting and clean air, and you hear a skilled politician addressing the issues of today.

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  • #1.   Cecil Rhodes-Moley 04.09.2011

    You can Parse this Farce, as its Logic Fallacies abound … the “piece” bolsters another “persuasive preponderance” of coordinated and integrated multi-media pretenses, which craft colourful and slanted slick content, advertising Planned Parenthood’s (PP’s) President, Cecile Richards — in all her primed “camera-ready resplendent magnificence” — expounding yet another branded iteration of psychobabble, gibberish and magnanimous grandiloquence that would foist PP, and her helmsman-ship tenure, upon the unwitting for another wastrel round. It rates as another blatant journalistic hatchet job and bloodied campaign. Summarily, Cecile’s rhetoric proffers tripe; namely, that she and PP ardently hone and responsibly deliver, singularly, as the only venue or option, provision of preventive health care to a staggering “…. 2.5 million women …”; specifically and predominately for …’err Birth Control. Hm. For starters, brutal logic holds that far less monetary outlay and far lower budgetary allocations … would yield vastly improved “rates of return”, so to speak, on investment capital ratios aka performance … Fewer poor persons’ babies [since, persons of means seek out other remedies] on a far humbler scale; suffice it to consider, the not so paternalistic, simple distribution of eg. $2.00 condom packets :: Thrift-is-Good; calculation … $293 | 70 MILLIONS; 97 percent … Net-of-net per-capital: WOW: What would Jane Hull think? However, comparatively, factored, that sum is paltry verses eg. the DoD tabs’ “lost” trillions to Black and Psy-Ops; par two? PP emerges, over its extended life-cycle, at best, as driven by a convoluted mixed-mission statement; it has targeted, tractable and traceable, tens of millions poor persons’ unborn babies. {In genetic |bio-engineering realms, life has been “initiated” in certain labs, using disparate admixtures | scenarios of substances: point zero is known!}. PP’s “legacy corpus ownership” measurement indicts it as a murderous, outrageously costly, population control organization … engaged, too, in grizzly and much documented covert recipient aka client experimentation. Historically, PP embraces all manner of UN flag-waving Malthusians’, not-so-proverbial, New World Order agenda … Humanitarian Mimicry 101. So … what’s really up here? ABC, NBC, PP: what’s the difference? Get it? PS: According to PP’s own “charter” they are a “private non-USA-governmental org”: cute, right (?) aka an UN NWO…in lock-step organization, plain and simple. PP’s smoke and mirrors, “trend-setting media blitz”, spear-headed by its latest super-bleached blonde biker ésque pseudo Billy-Idol ‘cum Lady Diana ésque control freak…whose bizarro-world “stewardess/flight attendant of the century” appearance and deportment, smacks, somehow, oddly, as though she or “he” were emitted from the tail-end of a 747, no? All that make-up and mask of artifice!

  • #2.   Cecil Rhodes-Moley 04.09.2011

    PPS: As for Cecile’s mom, Ann Richards — nonetheless — judged from the video clip embedded above (herein), despite my not sharing several of her pivotal geo-political assessments, Ann rates as one of the most compelling, attractive and engaging political speakers … EVER. A darn good looking lady, too. Thanks for that! Now only if she and Ron Paul had mated …. WOW.

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