Muckety mover - Glenn Beck’s case of Nazi Tourette’s

By Muckety

May 13, 2010 at 6:40pm
Muckety down

In the vernacular, the concept underlying Muckety is the Kevin Bacon game.

So we loved Lewis Black’s recent rant on The Daily Show, about Glenn Beck’s ability to find a Nazi connection in every liberal corner.

Beck, he notes, has spotted the brownshirt influence in global warming, Obama’s Supreme Court nominations, the National Endowment for the Arts, ACORN, TARP, the Peace Corps and the federal bailout.

“It’s six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” Black declared. “Except there’s just one degree and Kevin Bacon is Hitler!”

Black tried his own hand at the game: “Mother Teresa had a moustache. Hitler had a moustache. Mother Teresa is Hitler!”

He also offered Beck advice on how to survive the onslaught. Stay hidden in an attic for three years and don’t make a sound. “We’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out.”

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Back in Black - Glenn Beck’s Nazi Tourette’s
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  • #1.   John Louis 05.13.2010

    Lewis Black the fact that your ignorant enough to bring your worthless political sense out like this shows how worthless your opinion has become. If you’re gonna do comedy thats cool but just realize whenever you state things like that people hear and listen to you. So if you want to directly support socialism and communism than go ahead and keep making your stupid political jokes.

  • #2.   Will 05.13.2010

    A. Are you kidding me? Did you not watch the video? Glenn Beck literally says that nazaism is similar to the peace corps and your pointing fingers at Lewis Black? I can tell you’re a real fan of common sense.
    B. Why do you accuse him of Socialism and Communism? He mentions nothing of any.
    C. Why do assinine morons like you hate on Socialism and Communism so much? “Yeah, cause helping poor people is so unamerican and horrific.” Get a life.

  • #3.   mishi 05.13.2010

    What was so damn infuriating was watching Beck (mis)use Niemoller’s “First they came for the Jews…” quote. In fact, Niemoller’s own preferred version list the Communists first, the trade unionists second, and the Jews third (and “me” after that_. Since unionists and commies are a couple of Fox’s favorite little whipping boys, is it only a matter of time before THEY (or at least John Louis of #1) go after the Jews?


    Well, maybe some Jews, like Black and Jon Stewart.

  • #4.   Joe 05.14.2010

    So what’s new ?! Another mediocre talentless liberal comedian is making fun of Beck . While millions tune in to hear Beck , hardly anyone has ever heard of lewis black. This is the same moron who used to mock George W when we were at war.
    Liberalism is a disease and there seems to be no cure for millions of Obamabots.

  • #5.   drevan 05.14.2010

    /me laughs

    Good lord, Joe, your head seems stuck so far up your rectum that you can’t even do a fallacious argumentum ad populam properly! So Glenn Beck is right and Lewis Black is wrong because Glenn Beck has more viewers? I guess that would have to mean that the ‘liberals’ who voted for Obama are right and those who voted against him are wrong simply because Obama won in a democratic election with the majority of the votes.

    Interesting how mocking the President is suddenly a good thing when he doesn’t pander to your bloodlust and irrational dogmas.

  • #6.   neil 05.14.2010

    liberalism is a disease? directly support socialism and communism? is there a brain-eating virus in america? please let me know because I have a transit stop there soon

  • #7.   Zack 05.14.2010


    “This is the same moron who used to mock George W when we were at war.”

    Last time I checked, we still ARE at war. So let’s here you chastise Beck for making fun of the President during wartime.

    Whats that? The sound of crickets?….. Ok… thanks for playing

  • #8.   LT 05.14.2010


    Your logic is below that of a field peasant circa 1512. You stick to your irrational thoughts, and if you behave I’ll promise to bring the sun back.

  • #9.   John Louis 05.14.2010

    Are you serious neil. Whenever widely watched comedians like this guy go on tv and make these catchy videos that mock someone who is trying to help america from becoming socialist than ya that is DIRECTLY SUPPORTING. Because unfortunately there are way to many ignorant people these days who don’t understand the seriousness of the changes going on in this country under their noses.

  • #10.   joseph 05.15.2010

    John Louis: too many poor assumptions in your short post. America is not becoming socialist (look up the word, learn a little history and comparative politics). Beck is not trying to help America. The people who think there are serious changes going on are poorly informed, because they watch morons like Beck.

    Joe: “This is the same moron who used to mock George W when we were at war.” And?

    One of Black’s best routines. Why don’t you folks deal with the content of the criticism?

  • #11.   John Louis 05.16.2010

    So you are saying that the videos that Beck shows of Obama’s advisers speaking about complete socialist ideas and suggesting they are needed isn’t proof? What did he make them up or something? Obama and his administration talk about redistributing this countries wealth all the time. Glenn Beck may present his material in an over dramatic way, but look at the facts.

  • #12.   Nadia 12.26.2012

    I have Tourette’s. I know it was just a metaphor to the disorder, but I really don’t like it thrown around loosely – it makes people honestly believe that it’s a psychological disorder that makes people think illogically… Silly, yes, but that’s honestly the comparison they make. I think Lewis Black should learn more about the disorder or learn to be more considerate. It’s frustrating enough to be judged by everyone around me who think I’m mentally handicapped without inconsiderate metaphors such as these.

    If you don’t know what Tourette’s really is (a neurological disorder that, while being a chemical imbalance, doesn’t have any effect on one’s mental processes [my IQ is over 130] and essentially just makes one unable to control his or her body in a way that’s much more frustrating than it looks), please look it up. It’s a very misunderstood disorder. Your education on the matter could lighten the heart of someone you know… Trust me.

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