Characters in Lost would be lost without Jacob

By Emily Morgan

May 15, 2009 at 10:26am

In ABC’s hit drama Lost, connections count. And the season finale this week introduced viewers to the most connected character of all: Jacob.

(Warning: Spoiler alert.)

Jacob is linked to nearly every character on the show. Turns out, he’s been advising the leaders of the Others for generations, despite the fact that few other characters have ever seen or spoken to him.

Jacob also has connections to Oceanic flight 815 passengers and he has spent time with them off the island.

Through a series of flash-backs, viewers learned that Jacob interacted with many major characters at defining moments in their lives.

Jacob helps Kate avoid getting punished for stealing as a child.

He lends a young Sawyer the pen he’ll use to write a letter to the man responsible for killing his parents.

On Sayid’s first wedding anniversary with Nadia, Jacob stops him on the street to ask for directions, distracting him, moments before Nadia is brutally struck by a car.

Jacob visits a badly injured Ilana in the hospital and speaks to her in Russian, asking her for help.

Jacob is on the scene when John Locke’s father pushes him out the window of a high-rise, paralyzing him. After the fall, Jacob reassures John that “everything is going to be all right.”

He congratulates Jin and Sun on their wedding day, and advises them never to take each other for granted.

When Jack is performing his first solo surgery and makes a nearly fatal error, he feuds with his father and storms off to get a snack from the vending machine. When his candy bar is stuck in the machine, Jacob is there to help him retrieve it.

Finally, Jacob meets Hurley in a taxi cab as he’s leaving jail and convinces him to board the Ajira flight to return to the island. He also leaves Hurley with Charlie’s guitar.

It wouldn’t be a true Lost season finale without a cliffhanger. As soon as we find out just how connected Jacob is, the finale ends on a note of uncertainty. Jacob, among other characters, may be dead.

Lost’s final season will air on ABC in 2010.

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  • #1.   Max Handle 05.16.2009

    You lost my interest with the very first sentence by saying Lost is on NBC. You might want to double check that.

  • #2.   Hi Def 05.16.2009

    I agree with Max. You don’t know what network Lost is on?

  • #3.   Laurie Bennett 05.17.2009

    Sorry. That was an editing error. It’s been fixed; thanks for pointing out the problem.

  • #4.   Nita 05.18.2009

    You also have “NBC” in the last sentence of your article…

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