Obama less than transparent when it comes to disclosing bundler info

By Laurie Bennett

September 17, 2008 at 8:41am

A web-savvy campaign that promises open government shouldn’t make it so hard to learn about its financial backers.

Federal election law doesn’t require candidates to report information about bundlers, the supporters who convince wealthy friends and colleagues to contribute piles of money to campaigns. It’s up to the candidates to decide whether to release such info.

So which presidential candidate is most forthcoming?

Google “John McCain bundlers” and you’ll see this link to the McCain web site at or near the top of your results:

Google “Barack Obama bundlers” and you’ll hunt in vain for the official list on the campaign site. (However, search for “Barack Obama open government” and you’ll find numerous official pages.)

After several unanswered email messages and a phone call to the Obama camp, we finally obtained the URL of a page on the site, listing campaign bundlers. We’d like to print it for you, but it’s so long it runs off the page. So here’s the link.

Unlike the McCain list, which includes full names, city, state and occupation, the Obama list omits occupation and often provides nickname only, rather than full first name and middle initial.

Failure to provide this additional information makes it difficult and time-consuming to uncover much about the people pouring millions of dollars into the most expensive presidential race ever.

We suspect that the organization’s records are complete. It’s only the public list that falls short, and the omissions appear to be deliberate.

When nonprofit groups such as asked the candidates to present information about bundler occupations and employers, the McCain camp complied. The Obama camp did not.

And if all those whiz kids in the Obama online operation were instructed to do search-engine optimization so that the bundler page turned up at the top of Google results, they could finish the job in a flash.

This may sound like whining from bleary-eyed data crunchers (a web equivalent of ink-stained wretches), and it is.

But we’re also concerned about openness - or lack of it - before and after the election.

Bundlers won’t go away after Nov. 4. Many of George W. Bush’s bundlers, known as pioneers and rangers, wound up with federal appointments such as cabinet posts and foreign ambassadorships.

So here’s the list of people who have raised at least $50,000, with several added names, middle initials and connections that don’t appear on the Obama version.

We’ll continue to add information as we find it. But the Obama organization has made it a scavenger hunt.

Lisa Davis South Orange, NJ
Naomi D. Aberly Dallas, TX
Wendy Abrams Highland Park, IL
Jerry Acker Southfield, MI
Charles C. Adams Jr. Geneva, Switzerland
David Adelman Atlanta, GA
Lishan Aklog Phoenix, AZ
Mark L. Alderman Bryn Mawr, PA
Karim Alibhai Key Biscayne, FL
Pinney L. Allen Atlanta, GA
Kenneth Alleyne Hartford, CT
Michael J. Alter Jr. Winnetka, IL
Jeremy Alters Miami, FL
Jeff Anderson San Francisco, CA
Nola Anderson Manchester, MA
Rodney Armstead Phoenix, AZ
John D. Arnold Houston, TX
Eduardo Arriola Coral Gables, FL
J. Ricky Arriola Miami, FL
Gayle Perkins Atkins New York, NY
Jean-Philippe Austin Miami, FL
Nicole Avant Los Angeles, CA
Sandy Bainum Chevy Chase, MD
Stewart W. Bainum Jr. Fulton, MD
Freddy Balsera Miami, FL
Hannah Banks Boston, MA
Preeta Bansal New York, NY
Frank Barbaro Los Angeles, CA
Rob Barber Cambridge, MA
Paul Bardacke Santa Fe, NM
Jim Bartimus Kansas City, MO
Matthew Barzun Louisville, KY
Sheldon Baskin Chicago, IL
Denise Bauer Belvedere, CA
Michael Bauer Chicago, IL
Jatinder Bedi Chicago, IL
Doni Belau Bedford Corners, NY
Severin Beliveau Hallowell, ME
J. Edward Bell Georgetown, SC
Lawrence Bender Los Angeles, CA
Dan Berger Philadelphia, PA
Josh Berger London, UK
Mitchell Berger Fort Lauderdale, FL
Alison Berke New York, NY
Barry H. Berke New York, NY
Allan Berliant Cincinnati, OH
Jennie Berliant Cincinnati, OH
Ken Berlin Bethesda, MD
Andi Bernstein New York, NY
Tom A. Bernstein New York, NY
Donald S. Beyer Jr. Alexandria, VA
Megan Beyer Alexandria, VA
Edward Bilich Arlington, VA
Richard Binder Bethesda, MD
Lea Black Miami, FL
Ronald E. Blaylock New York, NY
Jeffrey L. Bleich Piedmont, CA
Patricia Jones Blessman Chicago, IL
Leonore Blitz New York, NY
Steven R. Bloch Omaha, NE
Neil G. Bluhm Chicago, IL
Leslie F. Bond Jr. Chicago, IL
Terri Bonoff Minneapolis, MN
Francisco L. Borges Farmington, CT
Steve Bough Kansas City, NE
Elise Boyan San Antonio, TX
Kobi Brinson Charlotte, NC
Timothy M. Broas Chevy Chase, MD
Frank P. Brosens Bedford, NY
Russell Budd Dallas, TX
David Burd Washington, DC
David Burman Seattle, WA
Peter Buttenweiser Philadelphia, PA
Peter Bynoe Chicago, IL
Judy Byrd New York, NY
Owen Byrd Palo Alto, CA
Joe Calabrese Los Angeles, CA
Michael Caplin McLean, VA
David Carden Bronxville, NY
Matthew Carlson New York, NY
Joe Carmichael Springfield, MO
Tom Carnahan St. Louis, MO
Brad Carson Oklahoma City, OK
Eric Casher Berkeley, CA
Marty Castro Chicago, IL
Michael Cavanagh New York, NY
Bob Cavnar Houston, TX
Gracie Cavnar Houston, TX
Nadia Cavner Springfield, MO
Hasan Chandoo Armonk, NY
Tony Chase Houston, TX
Cleveland Christophe Stamford, CT
Marisa Chun San Francisco, CA
Bob Clark St. Louis, MO
Diana Shaw Clark London, ZZ
Frank M. Clark Jr. Flossmoor, IL
Charles Clarkson Jacksonville, FL
Robert A. Clifford Chicago, IL
Bonnie R. Cohen Washington, DC
Dick Cohen Minneapolis, MN
Lou Cohen Washington, DC
Thomas A. Cole Kenilworth, IL
Michael J. Coles Atlanta, GA
Wilbur O. Colom Columbus, MS
Les Coney Chicago, IL
John M. Connors Jr. Boston, MA
Kevin J. Conway Chicago, IL
Joe Cotchett Hillsborough, CA
Mark Cozzi Chicago, IL
Gregory B. Craig Washington, DC
James Q. Crowe Englewood, CO
Jim Crown Chicago, IL
Paula Hannaway Crown Chicago, IL
John Crumpler Durham, NC
John D. Cumming Park City, UT
Richard Danzig Washington, DC
Michael Dardzinski Beijing, China
Virginia Davies New York, NY
Gordon J. Davis New York, NY
Stephen Davis San Francisco, CA
F.K. Day Chicago, IL
Jamie Denenberg Los Angeles, CA
Vincent Dimmock Atlanta, GA
James G. Dinan New York, NY
Gregory Dingens Chicago, IL
Ted Dintersmith Boston, MA
John Doggett Chatham, MA
David Dolgen San Diego, CA
Ellen Dolgen San Diego, CA
Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe Portola Valley, CA
Kirk T. Dornbush Atlanta, GA
Justin Douglas Chicago, IL
Rebecca S. Draper San Francisco, CA
Eugene J. Duffy Atlanta, GA
Rob G. Dugger Alexandria, VA
Carolyn Dwyer Montpelier, VT
Bill Eacho Bethesda, MD
Blair W. Effron New York, NY
Cheryl Effron New York, NY
Norman Eisen Washington, DC
Kelley Ellsworth Washington, DC
Ari Emanuel Los Angeles, CA
John B. Emerson Los Angeles, CA
Mark Erwin Chicago, IL
Jodie Evans Los Angeles, CA
Suzanne Faber Chicago, IL
Nancy Farese Kentfield, CA
Mark Feierstien Annandale, VA
Joe Fernandez Providence, RI
Nadja Fidelia New York, NY
David I. Fisher Los Angeles, CA
Marianna Fisher Los Angeles, CA
Peter Fisher Los Angeles, CA
Richard B. Fizdale Chicago, IL
Christine Forester San Diego, CA
Alan Fox Studio City, CA
Daveen Fox Studio City, CA
Brian Frank New York, NY
Clark French Vero Beach, FL
David Friedman Boulder, CO
Rob Friedman Los Angeles, CA
Louis W. Frillman Minneapolis, MN
Michael B.G. Froman New York, NY
Ann M. Fudge Chestnut Hill, MA
Carol Fulp Newton, MA
Laurie S. Fulton Alexandria, VA
Jay M. Furman New York, NY
David Gail Dallas, TX
Mark T. Gallogly New York, NY
Pete Garcia Palo Alto, CA
Roland Garcia Houston, TX
Barbara Garrett Coral Gables, FL
Judy Gaynor Chicago, IL
Malcolm M. Gaynor Chicago, IL
Tom Gearen Chicago, IL
David Geffen Malibu, CA
Katherine Gehl Chicago, IL
Alexi Giannoulias Washington, DC
Mark Gilbert Boca Raton, FL
Peter Gilhuly Los Angeles, CA
Don Gips Boulder, CO
Jon Glickman Los Angeles, CA
Steven M. Gluckstern New York, NY
Doug Goldman San Francisco, CA
Jill Goldman Los Angeles, CA
Fred Goldring Los Angeles, CA
Barry Goodman Southfield, MI
Mark Goodman Cambridge, MA
Gabe Gore St. Louis, MO
Mark P. Gorenberg San Francisco, CA
John Gorman Austin, TX
Howard L. Gottlieb Evanston, IL
Linda Gottlieb New York, NY
Barbara Gould Cincinnati, OH
David Grain Sarasota, FL
Nancy Grant Winnetka, IL
De Gray Chicago, IL
Paul Gray Chicago, IL
Kenneth C. Griffin Chicago, IL
Howard Gutman Washington, DC
Joseph D. Gutman Highland Park, IL
Eddy Haddock Winter Park, FL
Douglas D. Haloftis Dallas, TX
Daniel Halpern Atlanta, GA
Pam Hamamoto Tiburon, CA
Wahid Hamid New York, NY
Cathy Hampton Atlanta, GA
Jennifer Haro St. Louis, MO
Hill Harper Los Angeles, CA
Scott Harris Washington, DC
Jane D. Hartley New York, NY
William R. Harvey Hampton, VA
Lutfi Hassan Houston, TX
Karen Heidelberg Detroit, MI
David Heller New York, NY
Greg Helmer Los Angeles, CA
Ann Herbst New York, NY
Peter Herbst New York, NY
Victor Herlinsky Hackensack, NJ
Bruce Heyman Chicago, IL
Vicki Heyman Chicago, IL
Douglas T. Hickey San Francisco, CA
Philip H. Hilder Houston, TX
Janet Hill Washington, DC
Marlon Hill Miami, FL
Crystal Nix Hines Los Angeles, CA
Donald Hinkle Tallahassee, FL
David Hinson New York, NY
Gary Hirshberg Concord, NH
Mellody L. Hobson Chicago, IL
Sharon Hoffman Kansas City, MO
Eric H. Holder Jr. Washington, DC
Max Holtzman Miami Beach, FL
Richard M. Horowitz Wynnewood, PA
Jeffrey Horwitz New York, NY
Ted Hosp Birmingham, AL
Helen Howell Seattle, WA
Jim Hudson Washington, DC
Reed E. Hundt Chevy Chase, MD
Nomi Husain Houston, TX
Dan Hynes Chicago, IL
Mark Iola Dallas, TX
Brandy Isaac Chicago, IL
Ian Isaacs Piedmont, CA
Rita Isaacs Piedmont, CA
Maxine Issacs Washington, DC
David Jacobson Glencoe, IL
Preble Jacques Cambridge, MA
Donna A. James Columbus, OH
Larry James Columbus, OH
Wanda James Denver, CO
Theodore P. Janulis New York, NY
Valerie B. Jarrett Chicago, IL
Kevin Jennings New York, NY
Derek Johnson New York, NY
Jeh Charles Johnson Montclair, NJ
Jerry Johnson Bryn Mawr, PA
Jim Johnson Washington, DC
Mark Johnson Washington, DC
Orlan M. Johnson Bowie, MD
Raye Johnson Bryn Mawr, PA
David Jones Greenwich, CT
Paul Tudor Jones III Greenwich, CT
Wayne Jordan Piedmont, CA
George B. Kaiser Tulsa, OK
Eddie Kaplan Bethesda, MD
Sam Kaplan Minneapolis, MN
Sylvia Kaplan Minneapolis, MN
Marianne Karmel Newton, MA
Hrishi Karthikeyan New York, NY
David Kasparian Paramus, NJ
Michael Kasparian Paramus, NJ
Allan Katz Tallahassee, FL
Marilyn Katz Chicago, IL
Jeffrey Katzenberg Los Angeles, CA
Eric Kearney Cincinnati, OH
Bill Kennard Washington, DC
Lena Kennedy Pasadena, CA
David Kenney Denver, CO
Alan King Chicago, IL
Charlie Kireker Weybridge, VT
Ron Kirk Dallas, TX
Steve Koch Chicago, IL
Dan Kohl River Hills, WI
Nancy Koppelman Santa Barbara, CA
Sarah Kovner New York, NY
Orin S. Kramer New York, NY
Jay Kreigel New York, NY
Ted Kurland Newton, MA
Anthony Lake Washington, DC
Bill Lake Washington, DC
Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale Detroit, MI
Ann H. Lamont Greenwich, CT
Jay Landers Tallahassee, FL
Rocco Landesman New York, NY
James Lassiter Los Angeles, CA
Jonathan Lavine Lexington, MA
Mattie Lawson Los Angeles, CA
Michael Lawson Los Angeles, CA
Edward P. Lazarus Los Angeles, CA
Chad Leat New York, NY
Debra L. Lee Washington, DC
Arthur Leopold New York, NY
Kenneth Lerer New York, NY
Steve Lerner Chapel Hill, NC
Tom Lesser Northampton, MA
John Levi Chicago, IL
Jack S. Levin Winnetka, IL
William A. Levin Moss Beach, CA
Cliff Levine Pittsburgh, PA
Lawrence F. Levy Chicago, IL
Charles A. Lewis Evanston, IL
Chris Lewis Berwyn, PA
Margo Lion New York, NY
Brad Lippitz Chicago, IL
Caren Lobo Sarasota, FL
Daniel S. Loeb New York, NY
Walter T. Lomax Chalfront, PA
Andres Lopez San Juan, PR
Kenneth G. Lore Washington, DC
Patricia Lorsch Cambridge, MA
Frank Loy Washington, DC
Jamie Lynton Los Angeles, CA
Michael Lynton Los Angeles, CA
Kerman Maddox Los Angeles, CA
Stephen F. Mandel Jr. Greenwich, CT
Sue Mandel Greenwich, CT
Robert A. Mandell Orlando, FL
James Mangold Los Angeles, CA
Barbara Goodman Manilow Chicago, IL
Lewis Manilow Chicago, IL
William Mann Weston, CT
Neal Manne Houston, TX
Aris Mardirossian Potomac, MD
Jerry Martin Nashville, TN
Alyssa Martina Detroit, MI
Teresa Martinez Arlington, VA
Karol Mason Atlanta, GA
Linda A. Mason Belmont, MA
Brian P. Mathis New York, NY
William Matsikoudis Jersey City, NJ
Scott Matthews Wellesley, MA
Ken Maxey Los Angeles, CA
Nancy L. McCullough Los Angeles, CA
Cappy R. McGarr Dallas, TX
Thomas M. McInerney San Anselmo, CA
Candace McKeever Los Angeles, CA
Steven B. McKeever Los Angeles, CA
Frank McPhillips Birmingham, AL
Irena Medavoy Los Angeles, CA
Mike Medavoy Los Angeles, CA
Rhonda Medina Trenton, NJ
Alexander R. Mehran San Francisco, CA
Jon Merksamer Sacramento, CA
Kelly Meyer Malibu, CA
Patrick A. Miles Jr. Grand Rapids, MI
Bryan Miller West Palm Beach, FL
Charles Miller Atlanta, GA
Herbert S. Miller Washington, DC
Jon Miller New York, NY
Laurie Miller Washington, DC
Alan Mills Indianapolis, IN
Howard P. Milstein New York, NY
Eric Mindich New York, NY
Judd Miner Chicago, IL
Richard Mithoff Houston, TX
Cindy Moelis Chicago, IL
Ronald Moelis Larchmont, NY
Jonathan T. Molot Washington, DC
Robert Monks Cape Elizabeth, ME
Sarah Morgenthau Montclair, NJ
Marie Helene Morrow San Juan, Puerto Rico
Alicia Mullen Chicago, IL
Tim Mullen Chicago, IL
Mark NeJame Orlando, FL
Robert T. Nelsen Bainbridge Island, WA
Martin Nesbitt Chicago, IL
John Neu Newark, NJ
Wendy Neu Newark, NJ
Steven Newmark New York, NY
Dan Nova Cambridge, MA
Chris O’Brien Los Angeles, CA
Lora O’Connor Los Angeles, CA
Adebayo Ogunlesi New York, NY
Scott Oki Bellevue, WA
Bruce Oreck Boulder, CO
William H. Orrick San Francisco, CA
Charles B. Ortner New York, NY
Lynn Overmann Miami, FL
Spencer Overton Chevey Chase, MD
Jeff Padwa Providence, RI
Jason Paez New York, NY
Sebastiano Paiewonsky St. Thomas, USVI
Stephen Pajcic Jacksonville, FL
Max Palevsky Los Angeles, CA
Eric Paquette Los Angeles, CA
Deven Parekh New York, NY
Michael Parham Seattle, WA
Yolanda Parker Los Angeles, CA
Johnnie Patton Jackson, MS
Don Peebles Coral Gables, FL
Federico Pena Denver, CO
Jonathan Perdue Mill Valley, CA
Bill Perkins Houston, TX
Giles Perkins Birmingham, AL
Robert Perkowitz Charlotte, NC
Tom Perrelli Arlington, VA
John Phillips Washington, DC
Susan Pisor Chicago, IL
Jonathan Pizer Chicago, IL
Chris Pohlad Minneapolis, MN
Abigail Pollak Miami Beach, FL
Barry Porter Los Angeles, CA
Quintin E. Primo III Lake Forest, IL
Penny S. Pritzker Chicago, IL
Will Ptrather Fort Meyers, FL
Sunil Puri Rockford, IL
Joshua Rales Potomac, MD
Mike Ramos Avon, CO
Wade Randlett San Francisco, CA
Deborah Ratner Cleveland, OH
Ron Ratner Cleveland, OH
Michael Rawlings Dallas, TX
Doug Rediker Washington, DC
Tom Reed Centreville, VA
Beverly Reeves Austin, TX
Alan Reid San Francisco, CA
Antonio Reid New York, NY
Arthur Reimers Greenwich, CT
Lauren Reiss-Frank New York, NY
Lisa Renstrom Charlotte, NC
Joyce Rey Los Angeles, CA
Jim Reynolds Chicago, IL
Doris Rhea Detroit, MI
John B. Rhea New York, NY
Andrew Rice Oklahoma City, OK
Susan E. Rice Washington, DC
Zebediah Rice Los Angeles, CA
Rebecca Riley Bronxville, NY
Nelson C. Rising Los Angeles, CA
Stacy Ritter Parkland, FL
Wendy Riva Los Angeles, CA
Charlie Rivkin Los Angeles, CA
David W. Rivkin New York, NY
Robert S. Rivkin Chicago, IL
P.J. Rizvi Greenwich, CT
Suhail Rizvi Greenwich, CT
Robert Roche Chicago, IL
Richard Rogel Avon, CO
Desiree G. Rogers Chicago, IL
John W. Rogers Jr. Chicago, IL
John V. Roos Hillsborough, CA
Benjamin M. Rosen New York, NY
Marvin Rosen New York, NY
Lee Rosenberg Chicago, IL
Skip Rosenbloom Sacramento, CA
Joe Roth Los Angeles, CA
Paul N. Roth New York, NY
Thomas Rothman Los Angeles, CA
James S. Rubin New York, NY
Kirk Rudy Austin, TX
Karen Russell Seattle, WA
Michael J. Sacks Winnetka, IL
BettyLu Saltzman Chicago, IL
Amelia Salzman Bethesda, MD
Frank Sanchez Tampa, FL
Miriam Sapiro Washington, DC
Sima Sarrafan Bellevue, WA
Tom Scarritt Tampa, FL
Andrew H. Schapiro Chicago, IL
Arthur L. Schechter Houston, TX
Michael Schell New York, NY
John R. Schmidt Chicago, IL
Ben Schwartz Wendell, MA
Eric S. Schwartz New York, NY
John H. Scully Sausalito, CA
Theodore Sedgwick Washington, DC
Jeff Shell Philadelphia, PA
Willie Shepherd Denver, CO
Robert Sherman Needham, MA
Keith Short Edwardsville, IL
Tariq Siddiqui Chicago, IL
Craig R. Sieben Chicago, IL
Bettina Siegel Houston, TX
Martin J. Siegel Houston, TX
Boon Sim New York, NY
Amy Singh Chicago, IL
Balvinder Singh Chicago, IL
Christopher Smart Boston, MA
Gerald Smith Houston, TX
Leo Smith Chicago, IL
Mark Smith Washington, DC
LaRence Snowden Houston, TX
Mary Lang Sollinger Madison, WI
Ken Solomon Los Angeles, CA
Peter J. Solomon New York, NY
Alan D. Solomont Boston, MA
Alan P. Solow Chicago, IL
David Solow Chicago, IL
Andy Spahn Los Angeles, CA
Helen M. Spalding San Francisco, CA
Steve Spinner Menlo Park, CA
Marianne Spraggins Atlanta, GA
Bobby Stein Jacksonville, FL
Josh Steiner New York, NY
Joe Steinfield Boston, MA
Jane Stetson Norwich, CT
Jon B. Streeter Berkeley, CA
Cynthia Stroum Seattle, WA
Louis B. Susman Chicago, IL
Robert M. Sussman Washington, DC
Andre Leon Talley New York, NY
Paul J. Taubman New York, NY
Bill Taylor Washington, DC
Willard Taylor New York, NY
Christina M. Tchen Chicago, IL
Fabio Terlevich Philadelphia, PA
Molley Terlevich Philadelphia, PA
Dorothy A. Terrell Boston, MA
Rob Tessler New York, NY
Marjorie Thomas St. Thomas, USVI
Sandra Thompson Woodside, CA
Kathryn B. Thomson Arlington, VA
Becca Cason Thrash Houston, TX
John Thrash Houston, TX
Vinai K. Thummalapally Colorado Springs, CO
Tim Toben Chapel Hill, NC
James A. Torrey New York, NY
Stanley Toy Jr. Los Angeles, CA
Kyriakos Tsakapolous Sacramento, CA
Grace Tsao-Wu Chicago, IL
James C. Tyree Chicago, IL
Tom Unterman Los Angeles, CA
Alicia Urban Milwaukee, WI
Ellen Vein Los Angeles, CA
Jon Vein Los Angeles, CA
Gerald Vento Palm Beach, FL
Eric Vincent New York, NY
Kevin Vincent Arlington, VA
David Voelker New Orleans, LA
Barbara Manfrey Vogelstein New York, NY
Kirk Wagar Miami, FL
Ayelet Waldman Berkeley, CA
Jordan Walker-Pearlman Los Angeles, CA
Bill Wallace Orlando, FL
Francie Walton-Karlen Chestnut Hill, MA
Wendy Wanderman San Francisco, CA
Mikal Watts San Antonio, TX
Todd Weaver St. Louis, MO
Anne T. Wedner Winnetka, IL
Paula Weinstein Los Angeles, CA
Steve Weisbrod Washington, DC
Daniel Weiss Los Angeles, CA
Robert Weissbourd Chicago, IL
Beatrice W. Welters McLean, VA
Alexa Wesner Austin, TX
Tony West Oakland, CA
Steven Westly Atherton, CA
Thomas E. Wheeler Washington, DC
Barry B. White Newton Centre, MA
Frank White Jr. Silver Spring, MD
James A. Wiatt Beverly Hills, CA
Anita Wien New York, NY
Ann Marie Wilkins Cambridge, MA
Abigail Williams Dallas, TX
Todd A. Williams Dallas, TX
Margot Wilson Washington, DC
Percy C. Wilson Washington, DC
Harvey S. Wineberg Chicago, IL
Grant F. Winthrop New York, NY
Hope Brock Winthrop New York, NY
Anna Wintour New York, NY
Judy Wise Chicago, IL
Dan Wofford Malvern, PA
Kevin Joe Wolf Arlington, VA
Robert Wolf New York, NY
Gail Worthington Stamford, CT
Elaine P. Wynn Las Vegas, NV
Matthew Yale Chicago, IL
Kneeland Youngblood Dallas, TX
Steve Zager Houston, TX
Michael Zeldin Washington, DC
Sheldon Zenner Evanston, IL
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