Boone Pickens, like Ross Perot, has a plan to save America

By Gary Jacobson

July 8, 2008 at 11:51am

Maybe there is something in the Dallas water that makes Big D billionaires want to save the country from itself.

Today, T. Boone Pickens launched his campaign — — to wean the U.S. from foreign oil. Last month, Ross Perot gave us to warn about impending doom from massive government budget deficits. On their Web sites, both go on camera to sell their ideas.

Pickens, essentially, wants to use more wind to generate electricity, thereby freeing natural gas to use as a transportation fuel. He has business interests in both wind and natural gas vehicle fuels.

He says the energy switchover can be accomplished with the right leadership. Neither presidential candidate has addressed the problem yet, he says. He intends to put the topic in play.

He ran full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and other newspapers today, touting his plan. Bloomberg reported that he has spent $10 million on the campaign launch.

USA Today said Pickens’ effort “will be the biggest public policy ad campaign ever.” A Pickens’ aide told the paper that Pickens will be on TV this fall almost as much as Barack Obama and John McCain.

Pickens told The Dallas Morning News that his effort is not about personal gain, but about patriotism and getting something done that needs to be done.

“I’m 80 years old,” he said. “I’m worth $4 billion. I don’t need to make any more money.”

Pickens and Perot live less than two miles apart in Dallas.

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  • #1.   Debbie 07.09.2008

    T Boone Pickens is not from Dallas and he is not getting his water from the Dallas area. He is from Amarillo Texas and the water he is wanting is from the Texas Panhandle who has far less water sources than the Dallas area. The main water source for Amarillo and the surrounding area - Lake Meridith is at an all time low of 48′. T Boone is in it for the money and fame, his philantraphy is sketchy, depending on his ego.

  • #2.   Kathy Gates 10.20.2008

    T Boon Pickins is an American patriot. He has a good heart and loves this country. He is courageous and strong. He is stepping up to solve America’s problems with what he has to give. Let us do the same. When we all do what we can from where we are, this nation will prosper again.

    Back in 1992, Ross Perot told us what was going to happen to our nation and how to stop it. It’s all there in his book, “United We Stand: How We Can Take Back Our Country.” You will be feeling a true prophesy! We can use these principles right now to take back ownership of our country. Let’s get started! Let each of us do our part from where we are.

    The Pioneer’s Creed “The cowards never started. The weak died along the way. Only the strong survived.”

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