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By John Decker

July 4, 2008 at 1:25pm

Having problems seeing the interactive maps?

Muckety maps are designed for Flash version 9.0 and higher. You may need to get the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Some map features - such as directional arrows - don’t work properly in older versions of browsers such as Firefox. We recommend that you update your browser to take full advantage of the maps.

Some ad-blocking applications prevent Flash from loading. If you use such software, you’ll need to set Muckety as an “allowed site.”

Loading your own data

We offer several licensing/hosting options for companies and organizations with their own web sites. For more information, see our licensing page.

Searching Muckety

You can search for names or organizations from the search box at the top right of every page, or from the search box within every Muckety map.

Exploring the maps

Muckety maps are interactive You can expand or delete entries, rearrange them, save maps and view maps full screen. Right click on a box in the map to see a list of options, or click on the Map Tools bar at the left of the map.

Boxes with + signs in the upper right corner have more relationships than are shown in the map. You can see these by doubleclicking on the box. Or just click once and press e. Or click on the box you’re interested in, go to Map Tools and choose expand.

Dotted lines between boxes in a map indicate former relationships. Solid lines represent current relationships.

Color key

Here are the major color categories in Muckety maps:

People (living)
People (deceased)
Trade & professional groups
Colleges & schools
Political organizations

Selected boxes are outlined in pink.

Map Tools

If you click on the Map Tools bar at the left of the map, a toolbox will open, showing various options. The shortcuts on the right (such as e for expand, or d for delete) can be done by pressing that key on your keyboard after selecting the box or boxes you want to expand or delete.

Drag your mouse over each option for a more complete description of what it will do.


When there are seven or more people or organizations with the same relationship to another person or organization, they’ll be grouped in the map. (An example would be the U.S. Senate, where current senators and former senators are grouped.

To ungroup them, simply double click on the group box. Or just click once on the box and press u. Or click on the box you’re interested in, go to Map Tools and choose ungroup.

Beware: Large groups, when ungrouped, can overcrowd your map! You might want to switch to fullscreen before ungrouping.

Searching for once-removed connections

You can search for connections between two names by using AND in your query. Let’s say, for example, you want to know if there are any direct connections between the Obama White House and AIG. You could search for:

Obama administration AND AIG

On your results page, check the boxes for American International Group and Barack Obama administration. Then click the MucketyMap button. You’ll see that Richard C. Holbrooke - U.S. special envoy and a former AIG director - connects the two.

Saving maps

Once you’ve finished expanding, deleting and arranging relationships, you can save your results by right-clicking or going to the Map Tools box and selecting save. Be sure to save the URL so that you can call up the map later, or send it to others.

You can create a title for the map, by overwriting the default title, “My Saved Map.” We’ve noted that some users try to retrieve saved maps by using the title. This doesn’t work, you need the URL.

Muckety does not edit or censor user-created maps. However, we will delete maps with profane or offensive titles, or with more than 250 actors. Saved maps may change over time, as we add and delete records.

Embedding maps

See our tips for putting maps on your website or blog.

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  • #1.   Steven W, Hendrix 04.11.2009

    Wow, I really think this is an excellent idea, good thinking out of the box!

  • #2.   Henry 04.12.2009

    Great idea, you should put in a search option allow users to look up individuals on Wikipedia

  • #3.   Tom Lavin 04.24.2009

    Please tell me when I can link David-Rockefeller to Council-On-Foreign-Relations at can be verified at
    In fact, I would like to map all of the Historical CFR Directors and Officers as the URL above listed as reported by the Council itself.

  • #4.   Ian Green 04.27.2009

    I really want to be able to edit my own muckety’s, but also it is really necessary for people to be able to submit entries to muckety. Have a look and compare all the connections in the database for GW Bush, for example, with Adolf Hitler! — Like AH Germany! That’s it! There’s a much more interesting muckety available there! … (for the sake of historical research)

  • #5.   B.F 04.30.2009

    The map of the Pacific Council on International Policy is grossly inadequate. This organization is the Western partner of the Council on Foreign Relations, their membership overlaps, and yet you only display to individuals connected with it. You need to put your gofers to work!

  • #6.   Tim O'Connell 05.09.2009

    If a reader is aware of connections not (yet) shown on Muckety Maps, is there a quick way to bring them to your attention? E.g., news stories, or similar public information you could check, I am not referring to private or personal matters. A current example is your Leon Panetta entry. Since his nomination to a government post he has resigned most of his other positions, and in the case of California Forward, a new leader has been appointed, Robert Hertzberg, who is a Muckety in his own right but for whom you have only the simplest of connections.

  • #7.   Ernesto DeVita Jr 05.24.2009

    I would like to make Mucket for some important Personalities of the world History.

    How is the procedure?

    Mucket is a great

  • #8.   Linda Craib 06.15.2009

    I’m currently a graduate student at the Yale SOM in their executive program. I am currently taking a class (Power & Politics) regarding power networks. I came across your site and would like to create a map for our executive class.

    Linda Craib

  • #9.   Laurie Bennett 06.15.2009

    You might want to take a look at our answer to another user’s question about including a Muckety map in a Power Point presentation. See:

  • #10.   sheila rea 07.20.2009

    How can I call up a saved map if I didn’t save the URL?

  • #11.   Laurie Bennett 07.21.2009

    If you recall the title, send it to us and we’ll try to find it in the database. Saving the URL, however, is definitely preferable.

  • #12.   jp 12.29.2009

    Nice app; could possibly be useful for a project I’m working on. Is this possible?

  • #13.   Ross 11.27.2010

    You should get together with!! Great site !

  • #14.   Lori Guidos 03.29.2011

    Is there a feature for handling “maiden names”.

    I would love to be able to list for example my mother’s full name as people who attend grade school would be unable to find here as Marie Guidos-Maruskin as these last two names are associated with my father and step father.

    Would be best if we could use ” ” or ( ) such as Marie (Kanzius) Guidos-Maruskin.

    I like what I see thus far!


    Lori Guidos

  • #15.   Laurie Bennett 03.29.2011

    Re: maiden names. On the main Muckety site, we do enter maiden names as alternates, so you can get the appropriate results. But if you’re referring to MyMuckekty, I’m afraid there is no provision for that.

  • #16.   Ted Meylor 01.03.2013

    Do you have an email blast daily or weekly? Can i be added to the distribution? Can’t seem to find any information on the web site for this other than Twitter. thank you.

  • #17.   Michael G. Marriam 01.21.2013

    Oh my goodness! Muckety is so cool. I know have a new brain break when reverse engineering induced burn out occurs.

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The relationship map to the left is interactive.
• Solid lines are current relations. Dotted lines are former relations.
• Expand items with + signs by double-clicking or by selecting multiple items in the map and pressing the "e" key.
• Move an item in the map by clicking and dragging.
• You can also delete items, separate boxes and save maps. Right-click on the map or select Map Tools for these options.
• Find out more about an item in the map by right-clicking on the item and choosing Information about...
• View map color key.
• This interactive map requires Flash player.

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