Weinstein brothers turn their gaze to Broadway and television

By Emily Morgan

June 22, 2008 at 12:40pm

The Weinstein Company, a powerhouse film production and distribution company, has set its sights on television and theater.

Led by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the company plans to transfer some of its success in the movie business to Broadway, in musical form. The Weinsteins’ first production will be a theatrical version of Finding Neverland, scheduled for 2010. Other films being considered for the stage are Chocolat and Shakespeare in Love.

The Weinstein Company already has worked behind the scenes on several Broadway shows. The company co-produced this year’s Tony-winning productions August: Osage County, Boeing-Boeing, and Rock ‘n’ Roll, but plans to be more involved in the creative process with future productions.

Harvey Weinstein has personally invested in Broadway shows in the past, including The Producers and Young Frankenstein.

The producer spoke to Variety about his hope to draw some of Hollywood’s biggest names to the stage. He has already spoken with Juliet Binoche and Gwyneth Paltrow about reviving their leading film roles on Broadway.

The Weinstein Company also has hired David Spiegelman to revamp its involvement on the small screen. Spiegelman, former executive VP of domestic television distribution atNew Line Television, will head the company’s television distribution division.

After producing successful shows such as Project Greenlight and Project Runway, the Weinstein team will add to their ventures in television. Their next project is another reality series, Models of the Runway, a spinoff of the Project Runway franchise that will air on Lifetime.

The Weinsteins plan two other reality elimination shows: Project Triple Threat, which will judge hopeful actors, singers and dancers; and Pygmalion, a competition for nannies.

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