Skull and Bones Society losing its grip on American presidency

By Carol Eisenberg

June 19, 2008 at 11:02am

With all the hand-wringing about the domination of American politics by members of the Bush and Clinton dynasties, there has been scant attention paid to another lapsing political dynasty – that of the infamous Skull and Bones Society.

For only the second time in two decades, neither presumptive nominee for U.S. president is an alumnus of Yale’s oldest and most secretive senior society. (The only other time in recent history that happened was in 1996, when Bill Clinton faced Republican Bob Dole.)

Barack Obama may be considered elitist because he has a law degree from Harvard, and John McCain, a warrior blueblood, as the son and grandson of Navy admirals, and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. But conspiracy theorists, at least, can rejoice that neither man has ties to the 176-year-old clandestine club, which some contend exercises a disproportionate influence on the U.S. government and, in any case, has produced presidents, Supreme Court justices, cabinet officers, spies and captains of industry.

McCain did have a minor skirmish with Skull and Bones once.

In the 1980s, he tried to broker a meeting between the elder Bush and one of his Arizona constituents - a former Apache chieftain name Ned Anderson seeking the return of a skull that is said to belong to Geronimo and which is believed to have been swiped from his grave nearly a century ago by a group of Bonesmen, including the late Prescott Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush.

Bush, however, wasn’t interested, and the matter was dropped, according to Alexandra Robbins, author of Secrets of the Tomb. A 2006 appeal for the skull’s return, this time to George W., from Harlyn Geronimo, the great-grandson of the 19th century warrior, also went unanswered, according to a report by the Associated Press.

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  • #1.   Kris Millegan 06.19.2008

    Dear Carol,

    Whether Bones is lapsing or no, is left to be seen. If one follows the membership lists, what Bones has done is to become more international. Their powerbase is now perhaps much wider and now also includes women. The “power” of Bones and Co. stole two elections right out in the open and then put the idiot son in office. They have debased our heritage through corruption of our economic and political integrity. And the manipulation of us, hoi polloi, through very scientific propaganda techniques, psychological warfare and occult/social rituals
    W.H. Taft, son of the other founder, Alphonso Taft, was also on the Supreme Court. The only man in history to be both President and Chief Justice of the US.
    The Order of Skull & Bones was started by two people, one the scion of the American opium smugging fortune, WH Russell, who grew up to start a little boys school, and future politician A. Taft, who was the Attorney General for the US Grant administration and brokered the RB Hayes election (which was very similar to Bush’s 2000 “election).”
    Good article, Carol, but you might mention that Ms. Robbins is a member of the Yale secret society system. She is a member of the Order of Scroll & Key. She wouldn’t tell which one until she was outed on the Dr. Stan Montieth show. Her book is a whitewash, it does have some useful information, but it spins it right back to, oh just a college fraternity. Bones and such have not and never have been, nether in a sociological sense nor in how Bones files it’s taxes. These organizations are secret societies and are documented as being used to further corruptive actions.

    Funny, too, I just had some email correspondence with a Bonesman and he glibly denied they have Geronimo’s Skull. Personally all evidence points that Bones does have Geronimo’s skull and others of his burial items. They also have Harriet Tubman’s original gravestone. They like trophy’s from people that opposed them. Arizona has a very strong Bones presence. Bones are very big in mining circles.

    Here is some from his note:


    This is an “excuse” that has cropped up after none of the others are bought. They simply say that Prescott and the others lied about. They tried for many years to float the story, that it couldn’t have happened because no one knew where Geronimo was buried. Well, Geronimo had only been dead for about eight years when Pres and the boys were at Ft Sill in the 322D Field Artillery unit, so that logic was sort of strained and they came up with the new one, … just empty boasting lies.

    The saddest thing about the whole affair is that there has been not one attorney approached in Connecticut that will take on the case to take Bones/RTA Inc. to court to get Geronimo’s bones back. Not one!

    Kris Millegan

  • #2.   Kris Millegan 06.19.2008

    The message sytem took out his message –
    “We don’t have Geronimo’s bones. I asked the same question when I was tapped, for the same reason– to argue we should return them. There is a tradition of “crooking” things from other societies, when possible, or 322 license plates, street signs, etc.; all very adolescent. The idea that we had Geronimo’s bones was a boast gone awry. Unfortunately it is a boast with sex appeal; people believe it because it is so unreal it has the ring of truth; and Bonesmen won’t deny it because they think it’s fun for people to think it true. But we don’t have them, so we can’t return them.”


  • #3.   John H 06.20.2008

    This is my first visit to this site, and the first story I’ve read here. This story is such a nothing, except as a waste of your time, my time, and Muckety bandwidth. With all the important events in the country and the world to be commented on, this is the best you can write about?
    Ta Tah.

  • #4.   PJD 08.02.2008

    It is Desturbing ,But with The Presidents Numbers in the Toilet Maybe Geranimo is having the last Laugh,.By all Accounts He Geranimo although as fierce a warrior as there ever was ,new more about Honor and dignity than these so called Pathetic Rich Exclusive and Moronic Secret Societys’So Hope Fully some where in Conn. is a Lawyer who can’t be Baught off or frightend off,by and idiot of a President.

  • #5.   rg 09.24.2008

    Obama has several advisers that are Bonesmen. Check out A. Goolsbee his chief eco man. Has been since senator run. Obama very influenced by Goolsbee and others. Suspect that McCain has many connections to the same. They will never go away. The order is established, it is real and has many names. Not that all is bad. Consider where our country may be without them for the last 100 + years. ===What do I know anyway?

  • #6.   Concerned Citizen 10.04.2008

    But conspiracy theorists, at least, can rejoice that neither man has ties to the 176-year-old clandestine club….

    But what of Mr. Biden’s son Robert, who graduated from Yale Law School, you are sure that his ties are clean?

  • #7.   Elaine Meinel Supkis 02.19.2009

    I was part of the 2000 election ‘Geronimo’s skull’ team who tried very hard to force the Bush family to come clean on the Geronimo’s skull business. One aspect of that odious story is certainly true: the Skull and Bones people told the Apaches, they had a CHILD’S SKULL, not Geronimo’s skull. I demanded to know where the hell they got this ‘child’s skull’?

    We pressured McCain to confront Bush Jr on this matter but at the last minute, literally, he balked and told us, he wasn’t interested in old crimes. So we got stuck with a criminal President who was an AWOL draft dodger and a multi-arrested criminal.

    I am still very angry about the whole Geronimo’s skull business. I demanded that the Skull and Bones allow me access to their Tomb so I could poke around there and see what sort of nonsense they were doing.

    What is particularly odious is, this satanic ritual cult had conned the kooky born-again Christians [some of the most satanic groups on earth] to support open satanism. This still amazes me. Why didn’t the media run many stories about this? The media silence was amazing. Now, nearly ten years later, we see the same stories pop up in the news again as the Apaches try, yet again, to get some small justice.

  • #8.   Dr Dre 03.11.2009

    Many years ago when I worked in Boston, I was asked to join an old-line WASP athletic club that had fallen on hard times. At least that’s what I thought, taking the Groucho Marx approach that any club that wanted me for a member was probably not one that I wanted to join! Anyway, after lunch I was shown around the historic facility and to my amazement, hanging over the bar was this strange-looking wrapped-up baby doll, which, I was assured, was the infant son of Pharoah Ramses II. I guess novelty items such as this, and Geronimo’s skull, were the kind of pranks or scavenger-hunt items favored by elite clubmen a long time ago. Ten years ago my son was involved in a midnite raid on a rival college’s fraternity in payback for their having stolen sacred items from his college’s fraternity chapter. Alcohol may have been involved and it’s lucky no one got hurt. Boys will be boys and S & B with women just won’t be the same.

    My advice to those who are “angry” about stuff like this is to get over it. It sounds as if you are a latter-day Puritan, insane at the thought that someone, somewhere is having a good time. Form your OWN club, why don’t you, and don’t let any boys in. Freedom of association is one of America’s great traditions that is under threat. Exercise your rights and stop being so negative!

  • #9.   Dan Williams 03.16.2009

    I will let those reading this do their own search. George Bush Sr. was on the board of directors of barrick gold which won a lawsuit to open another mine in nevada against the wishes of the shoshone indians. As an aside, has anyone much insight to the Skull and Bones society at Penn State?

  • #10.   K. Stovall 05.26.2009

    You might want to read “Rule by Secrecy” by Jim Marrs (2000 HarperCollins). It has some fascinating info about the Skull and Bones and thier wide ranging influence. By the way, did anyone notice that Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, Sotomayor, is a Yale Skull and Bones member?

  • #11.   Carol Eisenberg 05.26.2009

    That is extremely unlikely. For starters, Sotomayor did not attend Yale as an undergraduate and Skull and Bones is an undergraduate society. Second, the society only started admitting women in 1991; That was the same year that George W. Bush nominated Sotomayor to be a federal district court judge.

  • #12.   Miguel Grande 07.02.2009

    re:#11 Glenn Beck was not an undergraduate at Yale, yet he was sponsored at Yale by Joseph Lieberman and tapped into Skulls & Bones. Sotomayor is an incompetent judge who could only move up through the ranks by this unholy alliance. (see George W Bush)

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