Lynn Forester de Rothschild stands by her woman

By Laurie Bennett

June 4, 2008 at 7:50am

No woman in the Hillary Clinton camp, other than maybe the candidate herself, is tougher than Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

A bundler for Clinton, de Rothschild said last night that Barack Obama needs to go to his Democratic opponent hat in hand.

Otherwise, she said, “He’ll lose women, he’ll lose Hispanics, he’ll lose seniors and he’ll lose that working community. If Hillary’s not there, I don’t think they’re going to relate to Barack Obama.”

Lynn de Rothschild
Lynn de Rothschild

Take a quick look at her pedigree, and you wouldn’t think de Rothschild, wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, could be this hard-nosed. She is rich, charming and beautiful. Portfolio has called her the “the flashiest hostess in London.”

But look closer and you’ll find an iron will. Some Londoners call her “Lady Lynn de Pushy.”

She has long been a power player, counting the Clintons and Tony Blair as good friends. Former husband Andrew Stein is a former New York City Council president.

She wed de Rothschild, the international banker, in 2000, when she was 46 and he was 69. Forbes called the marriage - her third - “the deal of a lifetime.”

A native of New Jersey, she received a law degree from Columbia and was still a young lawyer when she was hired by media mogul John Kluge. Watching Kluge’s series of successes, de Rothschild decided to become an entrepreneur herself.

She bought and sold a cell phone company in Puerto Rico. She snatched up unused wireless frequencies in four U.S. cities, then sold them for more than $100 million. Then she set her eyes on Europe. Her new company, FirstMark Communications Europe, attracted a stellar board, including Vernon Jordan and Henry Kissinger.

“It is less painful to do what she wants than to resist her,” Kissinger told New York magazine.

She sold Firstmark in June 2000 and married de Rothschild six months later. Now she’s CEO of EL Rothschild, the family investment firm, and serves as a director of Estee Lauder and the Economist.

She has raised millions for the Tate Gallery and untold amounts for the Clinton campaign.

She has found ways a woman can wield power simultaneously in the business and political worlds - a role that Clinton might consider in the future.

But last night, de Rothschild stuck by her friend the candidate. Clinton, she said, is “the greatest woman to ever arise in American politics.”

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  • #1.   NativeFlower 07.07.2008

    Hillary Rodham Clinton out-smarted BO by leaps and bounds during the debates. Her razor-sharp intellect and handle of the facts inspired Real confidence in her leadership abilities and sincere desire to help ALL Americans reach their highest potential. Hillary has worked over 35 for the well-being and rights of America’s forgotten, neglected and abused children… the little ones left behind by unworthy parents who nobody else wanted to help. Before, during and after her years in the White House as First Lady, she has worked for improvement Children’s HeathCare and Adoption Advocacy. She began the First serious dialog about the important issue of HEALTHCARE REFORM in our country and is Still leading the way in that discussion. Her Leadership ability frightens the Little Men of the Media and now we have a DUPE for the Democratic nominee. A dupe who copied her Hurricane Katrina Relief Plan almost verbatim. Obama has not yet worked out and resolved his own identity issues and can’t decided whether Rev Wright is his “spiritual mentor” or someone he must “disown’. He can’t decide whether he loves his Grandma or is she is a mean ol’ “typical white person”…. can’t decide whether or not wearing the flag pin is an expression of patriotism or some meaningless symbol. How can a man who hasn’t worked out his own fundamental personal issues be prepared to handle the nation’s??? He claims to have been on the right side of the Iraq war, but was not privilege to the same classified information that US Senators were at the time. Once he got into the US Senate, he became characteristically quiet on the matter. Obama’s biggest donors are the biggest targets for the Slavery Reparations Movement headed by his friend, Dorothy Tillman in Chicago City Council. Something’s rotten in the United States of America.

  • #2.   A woman 07.08.2008

    Move on. You are so typical. I supported Hillary, Obama’s the nominee and I’m going to support him now. Here’s the situation. America has major issues, it’s been said so many times we would sell our mothers, guess what, looks what happened by selling out. It’s time this country get their priorities together. Obama has been called an elitist by the elite themselves. Hillary worked hard with privileges and so did Obama. I believe he’ll be just as good as Hillary and probably better because he has vision for new ideas. Let’s not do what we’ve done so many times before. CUT OFF YOUR NOSE IN SPITE OF YOUR FACE. Why are people trying to force Obama to choose Hillary. this is America, why should the rules change just because of your …….. Unfortunately, people need to stop being followers and get out of there own way. Everyone wants to be wooed and pacified and made to feel better. Get over it, do whatever you think you need to do, but be prepared for what you put into play. I know people who’ve lost homes, jobs, poor public schools and have no health insurance. Yes, the McBush ride, lets see how far you ride before you run out of gas. LOL Gotta find humor in all this madness. Pray on it and ask for guidance, blow out the bad and breathe in the good. By the way whichever way this outcome goes, Lynn Forester wont be hurting, the elitist pointing out the elite.

  • #3.   Barbara 07.09.2008

    Is this the lady that called Barack an elitest? What a joke she is. Barack was raised by a single mother on food stamps and welfare. Educated through the public school system, received scholarship worked at helping other people improve their lives and Lynn Forrester deRothschild wants to call him an elist. Lady he is not into you.

  • #4.   Belle 07.09.2008

    I am with Lynn Forester on this one….Obama went to an ELITE private school in Hawaii while Hillary Clinton went to PUBLIC School…so she is correct in calling him an elitist. Unlike the many that simply are starstruck over Obama (Many also are star struck over Anthony Robbins as well)…the yes we can slogan is more for a Motivational seminar than President of the United States.

    My issue with Obama is his record….plain and simple. He really does not have the experience to be president at this time….and it troubled me to no end that he did nothing about the war in Afghanistan during his term as a Senator, chairing the subcommittee.

    To say Obama was on welfare is a very far stretch from actuality…although it does get him votes.
    His grandmother is the Vice President of a Bank folks. As much as he would like to say he was raised poor, he wasn’t. Middle Class….but I find it very odd that he does not seem to be able to connect with the Middle Class….Obama also “Made UP” Rev. Wright’s history, which also troubled me…Wright came from a Middle Class neighborhood, mother a Principal of a school and Wright attended a coveted Elite High School.

    So we had Clinton that could connect with the Middle Class, the poor, and genuinely is disgusted over HMOs and Insurance companies choosing who lives and who dies. Then we have Senator Obama, who loves to give speeches, and is great at it, but does not seem to connect on a personal level. Something is not right, I don’t know what it is….maybe a judgmental side to him that shows up when he is not distanced in a room full of adoring fans….I love hearing him speak, he reminds me of Tony Robbins, but he doesn’t have that field that makes you want to get up and do something…like Tony Robbins does…at least not to me. I do accept he is the Democratic Nominee. But I lean toward McCain simply because of the experience.

  • #5.   Greg 07.09.2008

    #3 - social programs you mention as supporting BO and his mother were not available in Hawaii when he was growing up. Or perhaps were you thinking of his early childhood in Indonesia? Was that Cherry Kool-Aid?

  • #6.   Eric 07.09.2008

    I just saw you on and you are a joke. You have the name de Rothschild and you are calling him an elitist. A black elitist, that is a first. Lady just be honest. You are a Republican, but would put your politics aside to see a woman president.

  • #7.   Charles Glisson 07.09.2008

    All I see is pig headed self centered jerks who want to take their “GI JOES and go home just because THEIR candidate lost. Let me clue you in; SOMEONE HAD TO LOOSE! Now if you are willing to turn your back on the Democratic party because your candidate lost FAIR & SQUARE, then KEEP WALKING, and take that elitist gold digging coporate witch “lynn Forester De Rothschild WITH YOU. We don’t want you, WE DON’ T NEED YOU!!!

  • #8.   J'Lyn Rue 07.09.2008

    I think the 18 million American’s that love Hillary need to start putting known pressure, both financially and verbally not only in the Democratic Party but on Obama himself to let him know that if he doesn’t chose Hillary as his running mate he will indeed lose his dreams of being in the White House. Yes I’ve received all of those emails from asking for unity and I love Hillary and I love being a Democrat but Obama needs Hillary as much as this country needs Hillary and his ego better be wise enough to know a winning ticket when millions are chanting for him to take it and run.

  • #9.   Joy Grey 07.09.2008

    I listened to Obama and was thrilled by his first “biggie” speech at convention . . . so fresh, honest and brave . . . since then I have realized that Obama is a great orator with a “planned” speech but he cannot handle ad lib. He stutters, stammers, etc., and in the end offers little of substance.

    There are those who can read well, inspire and excite us about dreams but that doesn’t make them leaders or dream makers. The gift of oratory is indeed a gift and I believe that is what Obama has to offer us. Often the ones who inspire us are at the back of the pack when the fight comes on. They are the ones saying “I must hurry for I am their leader!”

    The unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton by the media and the Rockstar image promoted for Obama have left a bitter taste for many of us.

    Obama is a presumptious upstart, in my opinion, and has gotten carried away with the accolades of his famous oratory, along with a hungry public. There was a future time for him and good time. There may not be a time for a woman again for a looong time, never for me at my age.

    Hillary is a visionary, the same as some say about Barrack Obama (although being a great orator doesn’t even guarantee that). Remember It Takes A Village. Have we not come to understand by now that it truly does Take a Village.

    Hillary is a tough woman but one of sensitivity, I believe, and they have raised a lovely daughter who was besmirched(sp) by all the right wing media as she struggled through her teen years. How wretched!

    Perhaps I’m just lamenting the loss of something I believed in. I do not know what I will do when the election is here but my heart will not at this time allow me to vote for Obama.

  • #10.   Antoinette in NC 07.09.2008

    This “Lady” who happened to marry a knight from the bluest of the blueblooded families in all of Britan has the gall to call Obama an elitist! The nerve of that see you next tuesday!!! She lives in a CASTLE!!!

    I have never been so angry at someone I’ve never met before.

  • #11.   Jenny 07.09.2008

    Honestly this is laughable. A wealthy elitist ex-pat condemning Obama for being elitist. She’s just upset because she saw her power play dissolve. As for you “Hillary lost so hate Obama” lemmings who would prefer to see McCain win because your candidate lost it is clear that you are as shallow as a puddle. You have no spine, no true conviction. You probably spent more time watching American Idol and crap television by ten fold than you did truly learning about the candidates and their positions.

    Respect to those of you who concede the loss, yet realize the significance and great importance here of not continuing the disastrous policies that have put America where it is today.

    As for Lady Lynn, keep your arse in Britain, we don’t need it here anymore.

  • #12.   JwK 07.09.2008

    I find it odd that I saw a recent interview with “Lynn Forester de Rothschild” saying she doesn’t like Obama because he is an elitist? With her family background and the way she comes across with her better than thou attitude, it’s quite absurd for her to suggest a man who was raised poor, brought up in poor neighborhoods, is elite? She wouldn’t have a clue what it is to go without or to have to struggle economically…Anyway. I’m a life-long Republican who decided that it’s time to vote Democrat, either Hillary or Obama would do, but I did prefer Obama because he represented the most change and wasn’t a divisive character in Washington to the extent Hillary is. And as for having any type of experience, I kind of laugh at that, because back when the great Bill Clinton was running for president that was us Republican’s argument that a governor of a little, tiny, poor state could run the largest economy in the world. Well he did just that and did it fairly well, Bill certainly did not have much experience with foreign affairs, military tactics, etc. So now the Democrats themselves are making the argument against their own party, what a shame. I’m voting for Obama and I hope you Democrats get your heads out of your….because this country will be in deep trouble if McCain gets in and appoints a couple Supreme Court Justices, we are on the verge of becoming a police state with a 5-4 recent vote allowing prisoners the right of Habeus Corpus, prisoners being held for over 5 years with no charges pressed against them, prisoners subjected to torture. It’s a disgrace and Lynn says she won’t vote for Obama because he is an elitist. She’s a disgrace to Democrats.

  • #13.   Susan in Tennessee 07.09.2008

    You are kidding, right? Obama an elitist? Take a look around Ms.Rothschild. YOU are the elitist and I believe a Republican in Democrat clothing. Your candidate lost and partly because of a very poorly run campaign who squandered money and ran up huge bills. Now you say Obama must choose Hillary as his running mate? Not one dime I have donated to the Obama campaign do I want to go to Ms. Clinton. Not one dime. She lost and stayed in the race, spending money she didn’t have, when it was obvious she could not win. I would not want a person who cannot even oversee her own campaign to be sitting in the White House running my country. And as for McCain. Vote for him and watch the Democratic issues wind up in the trash if he wins. You pay off Hillary’s debt. You have the money and people like me, who are only able to contribute in small amounts, do not want their money to pay Hillary’s bills!

  • #14.   A Bone 07.09.2008

    I am with you, Lynn. I am a highly educated woman who worked and went to school as a single parent of 2 children. I have yet to hear one thing Obama has to offer that is clear, concise, etc. Clinton’s plans vs Obama’s plans are like comparing a well layed out business plan to a napkin with notes on it. I don’t like him either and it’s not because of his race. It is because of his comments, his lack of any notable experience, his flip-flopping, and his dangerous blurting sound bites regarding foriegn affairs (of which, I believe, he is clueless). I will sit out of this race because I cannot vote for either candidates in good conscience and there is no “none of the above” on the ballot.

  • #15.   JwK 07.09.2008

    A bone, you are an idiot.What was Bill Clinton’s great experience before becoming president, governor of Arkansas? Wow, impressive. If you are with Lynn you couldn’t be that well educated considering Obama won hands down the “educated” vote. It was the white, blue collar folks that couldn’t see his vision because of the twisting of his words and how the Hillary did the Republicans work for them by trying to paint him as an elitist. If anything he can more closely relate to the working class than a Clinton or a McCain. You will all be sad when all you idiots who decide to not vote thinking your going to make a statement or a difference find out that it wasn’t to your advantage and a “no vote” stands for mediocrity and complacence in a White House that has run off course. Get a grip, Obama and Clinton are so similar on their stance on the issues that this is purely because either you are a republican and want to go on with the White House the way it is or you are for some reason prejudiced against Obama.

  • #16.   Kelli Baugh 07.09.2008

    Ummm. So if I don’t want to support Obama, I am all or one of the following: (1) a racist (2) a republican (3))an elitest or NOT (4) an idiot (5) a Bush lover (6) I am brain damaged because I can’t tell the difference between OBama and Hillary (7) OBama’s vision thing is hard for me to decifer from “yes we can”, therefore I must be brain damaged in both hemispheres (8)I am doomed to a life of sadness and depression (9)and because I didn’t graduate from Havard, I am either an elitist or NOT? Is it possible that I am none of the above or all of the above? Or am I not supporting Obama because he did not WIN fair and square? The world of sports seems to accept handicapping. Too bad I don’t play golf because my handicap would set a world record. But you know I have always questioned Handicapping. It doesn’t seem very American to me nor fair and square which is very American.

  • #17.   concerned voter 07.09.2008

    According to Obamabots’ dictionary, if you don’t support Obama, you are:
    1. Racists or Republicans
    2. Anti-hope, idiotic, vision-less, hating changes, hopeless
    3. Choosing safety over inspiration (What inspiration anyway??!!)
    4. Pro-Israel, anti-Islamic, hate Muslims
    5. Bitter small-town Americans clinging to guns and religion
    6. Down-scale working class, low income, uneducated
    7. Sticking to the knitting old silly women (mainly)
    8. Unintellectual, unable to be inspired
    9. Old, dull, computer illiterate …

    Clinton supporters, you better enjoy your new brands imposed on you even though you stated you are choosing:

    Substances over speeches
    Policies over rhetoric
    Experiences over BIG WORDS
    Performances over “Hope to Change” slogan
    Track records over “presents”
    A real hard working woman over a false Messiah
    One of top ten most outstanding lawyers in America over a professor assistant
    Quality over inexperience

    These Obots snobbish and disrespectful attitude really turned me away. “We are better” message written on their foreheads!

  • #18.   concerned voter 07.09.2008

    Oh BTW, Obama changed his positions ONLY 17 times and people are watching! And now is only July. I can list all these 17 with details. A serial flip-flopper we are talking about here. We did we get ourselves into, Democrats???

  • #19.   JwK 07.10.2008

    Umm, if you are democrat and you vote for McCain or not at all, it’s the same thing moron. Every vote counts, ask Gore.

    Without a vote, your senseless ramblings here mean squat, they are for naught. So call it what you want, in the end, you’re just without a voice and plain stupid. No matter what you say here, you’re just wasting everyone’s time, because you are without a vote, just an empty voice.

    So vote, one way or the other, make a stand for the person who closest matches your belief, because if you don’t you have no one to blame except your own whiny, sniffling, ass. MORONS. I would have voted for Hillary if she won, wake up, smell the coffee, the lady in the pant suit sang and she did not win. He won, she lost, game over, move on, vote for change or vote to keep republicans in office, or don’t vote at all. Either way, like it or not, Obama is your next president. Mark my words, cry, rant, rave, your next president is Barrack Obama. Your vote NEVER mattered to begin with.

  • #20.   JwK 07.10.2008

    Why do Republicans pretend that they are Hillary supporters to create this divide? Hillary IS NOT running, vote for Nader if you feel so strong, you can be one of the incredible Green Party that helped the democrats out in the 2000 election so much.

  • #21.   Balanced 07.10.2008

    It is dangerous for America when the electorate is disenfranchised to cast their vote yet express their opion without a desire for action. For 40 years this has been the will of those with the greates of all power money. They win regardless of party when WE choose not to vote. Not to act. To forsake the sacrifice’s of those who gave their lives in our nation’s short past to those who will die today and tomorrow in preservation our nation.

    It doesn’t matter how you feel. Your feeling’s are irrelevant. It does not matter what you think for your thought’s are irrelevant. What matters are our actions.

    The democratic candidates all from the beginning to end where there as an aternative to what is the present and what would be representing the future on the republican side.

    If you have lost your will participate in the ultimate privelege of being an American then you do more than nothing on voting day you hurt us all by your failure to participate.

  • #22.   Waverydr 07.10.2008

    Fellow Obama supporters, try not to let these people anger/discourage you. My feeling is many are republicans that crossed over to support a woman president. The Hilary and Obama platforms are nearly identical and any true, caring democrat would never sacrifice their values and principles to vote for McCain, especially at this crucial crossroads. The incredibly weak argument that Obama is Elitist is clearly not a basis to forfeit ones values and principles. To the point that Obama doesn’t have as much experience as McCain, if you believe the republicans are taking the country in the right direction then fine that holds up. If you believe they are taking us down the wrong path then that argument mute, McCain will run us into the ground just that much more skillfully. Obama’s and Hilary’s vision is I believe the right path and I’m supporting Obama.

  • #23.   JwK 07.10.2008

    I’m not so sure the argument that he doesn’t have the experience holds up. Bill Clinton who did a wonderful job had the same comments made about him, He was governor of one of the poorest states in the union, with no military background or foreign affairs. I thought Bill did a great job and most Republicans argued at the time of his election about his lack of experience and that he had a gift of gab…sound familiar?

    Maybe some of you are too young to realize that some of the greatest president’s in our history have lacked years of political experience and were thought to be naïve or incapable. Nixon mocked JFK for lacking the appropriate experience; Bush Sr. said the same about Bill Clinton. Abraham Lincoln had 2 years experience in the house before becoming president. Teddy Roosevelt had 2 years as governor, FDR had 4 years as governor, Washington, Adams, Jefferson all had very little experience… Arguing experience is not exactly a point that will make someone a good president or not, there are also a lot of president’s that had loads of experience but did very poorly. Fact is either McCain or Obama is going to be the next president. Who do you think JFK, Lincoln, and even Hillary Clinton would endorse? My money’s on Obama.

  • #24.   kmk 07.22.2008

    Belle, your comments are a little one sided.

    Obama did attend an elite school. On a scholarship and because his grandfather had a friend who called in a favor. Obama’s mother, at times, was on food stamps. I don’t know too many middle class families who live on food stamps.

    Obama’s grandmother eventually did rise to the position of VP of a bank. But that was after Obama left high school.

    To have this women of immense wealth and privilege call someone else an elitist, and assume she has the finger on the pulse of of the unwashed masses makes me want to puke.

  • #25.   MD in CT 07.22.2008

    A well known California Republican state senator once told me that he never worried about Democrats because:
    1) No Republican ever wishes to be poor enough to be one but most Democrats wish they were rich enough to be a Republican,
    2) The only thing that the Democrats have in common that they dislike the power of the Republicans but they absolutely hate each other, and
    3) Rich Democrats only stick around to take advantage of poor Democrats.

    These blog comments suggest that he is probably correct. Lady deRothschild certainly qualifies for number 2 and number 3.

  • #26.   Paul 08.18.2008

    I am a Canadian living in Vancouver BC. I have family and very dear friends who live in the U.S. and have suffered terribly with the beating that the U.S. international reputation has taken over the past several years. American citizens have to realize that while they live in a fishbowl, they are actually part of a larger global community. The policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are so infinitessimally different, yet her supporters are willing to sabotage an opportunity to right the ship and start reversing years of incompetence and neglect under the Bush administration. This posturing and name calling within the Democratic Party is absolutely ridiculous and demeaning to those who care about issues rather than personalities. It is also an affront to both women and persons of colour because the discourse has focussed on one group trumping another. Quite frankly, whether the U.S. elects a woman, a black, a disabled person or any other individual from a traditionally disadvantaged class isn’t as vital as reversing America’s decline in global authority. If you want to continue debating who the real elitist is, or sabotage the electoral process to ensure this candidate or that candidate gets in, you do so at your own peril. Wake up and consider what the Republican party is putting forth as your option - don’t even bother dreaming about 2012 because the damage a McCain presidency will do to the U.S. will leave very little to run for in four years. WAKE UP!!!

  • #27.   nick 09.16.2008

    Hillary said in Denver, “I haven’t spent the past 35 years in the trenches advocating for children, campaigning for universal healthcare, helping parents balance work and family and fighting for women’s rights at home and around the world, to see another Republican in the White House squander the promise of our country and the hopes of our people.”

    Rothschild makes a mockery of what Clinton stands for!

  • #28.   Denise Robinson-Mooney 09.17.2008

    Get real one of the richest women in the world calling someone out as an elitist. This is Americia where people can dream and work to move beyond their past and present conditions. We don’t have a caste system in this country people. Why is it that some people are amazed when a person speaks the King’s english and has parents who aren’t domestics? So what that he had a chance to attend an elite private school and took advantage of it. If there were limitations in life you wouldn’t be able to marry husband number three $$. You had money, how much is enough??? See no limitations! You are a closest Republican, you were never for Hillary you collect rich and powerful friends as trophies.

  • #29.   Lucheena 09.17.2008



  • #30.   P.U.M.A. truth 09.18.2008

    The paid Obama commenters would have you believe Rothschild is a Bristish aristocrat. She’s not. She’s American. She’s from from New Jersey and she got her fortune not by inheriting it or marrying it, but by making it herself as an entrepreneur buying broadband licenses.

    And she’s not an enemy of the Clintons. She and her husband honeymooned at the Clinton White House.

    Calling someone a racist when they are not a racist is a lie. It is a dirty campaign tactic. All over the internet, on every open thread about Rothschild they could find, the paid Obama commenters have posted this lie.

  • #31.   So what 09.18.2008

    P.U.M.A truth - you live in the dark, ‘average’ people don’t wakeup one day and purchase 100 million dollars worth of broadband licenses - Clinton is an elitist, Rothschild is an opportunist - at 46 she married a 69 year old man, out of love i’m sure. Nevertheless, being an ‘elitist’ carries a negative connotation, because the sheep have been taught that having enormous sums of money is ‘bad.’ - you wouldn’t want to be bad, would you? Lastly, voting is a grievance process, a way of mental venting, it allows the public to ‘make-believe’ they actually have a voice - welcome to a spectator democracy.

  • #32.   James Edward Taylor 09.19.2008

    Lynn Forester de Rothschild, did what??? Not that I’m (Given her last name) totally surprised by her action. Given that she’s a Forester de Rothschild, she just happens to be probably the most, if not one of the most ELITE in the world, and she’s just afraid that she’s going to be taxed, as she should be, for getting even more wealthy on the backs of all of us who earn less than 200K per year.

    Personally, I think she should change her name to Lady Lynn de Benedict Arnold, change her party affiliaation, and or move back to what ever country or cave her family came crawled out of.

    !$$$ her money and opinion, what real good have either done for the US and World? I’ll tll you NADA! Just more War & Greed. Things we all (Globally) absolutely don’t need or want any longer.

  • #33.   A. 09.19.2008

    Screw having the Phelps Church picket my funeral to make me feel important. I want for Lynn Forester de Rothshild to call me an elitist. Then I’ll be set for the rest of my life.

    I wish she would just say what she’s REALLY thinking.

  • #34.   Brian 09.20.2008

    After being unable to identify why she thought Obama was elitist, she finally said “I know it when I see it.” So what is it she sees when she looks at Obama? What is the striking visual characteristic of this man who wants to redistribute her wealth because he recognizes that those who receive millions each year and live between New York and London can probably afford to give to the country they have taken from for so long? What is different about the way he looks compared to all the previous presidential candidates? What is the word for which ‘elitist’ is the educated politically correct code word?
    I’ve got it … ’smart’ … no, that’s not it…

  • #35.   Katie 09.20.2008

    Rothschild are part of the satan group the New Order.
    Read it…
    The history to this family is evil.
    It is written in a book that there was a place setting at the Rothschild’s dinner table for Satan himself…It is still empty but set each night.
    People you are talking of a family who power is controlling with an selected few the goverment.
    Wake up.
    I really beleive we don’t have a choice of who the President will be.
    I have lived a long life.
    I have seen many things.
    I live in 5th ave ny, ny…
    I have a circle of friends who have witness many horrific things of people with enormas amount of wealth and power. If you saw some of it in a movie you call it garbage would never exist.
    You can’t grasp the concept.
    Before you make a comment on such subjects educate yourself.
    I believe we never had a choice of who our President will be…
    Its a fact, It is who they want in office.
    Rothschild’s are evil corrupted liars….
    Rockerfellers are the same.
    There are many more, but not that many.
    I can’t say anything else…Educate yourself on the New World Order because darlings a 150 year old bank doesn’t just colapse.
    9/11 didn’t happen for many reasons.

  • #36.   Katie 09.20.2008

    correction on my last comment..I have trouble typing
    9/11 happened for reasons that we will never understand.
    It was not who you think it was…

  • #37.   J'Lyn Rue 10.14.2008

    Please don’t give a dime to McCain and Palin - he just chose her to steal away Hillary’s women. She’s no Hillary and we do not want her as the President of the United States if something happened to that old man. I know its not fair that Hillary is not the canidate - we all know she got screwed out of it basically by the Democratic National Convention with Florida and Michigan but don’t hold it against the Democrats that want and need a change in the White House and you yourself know that. I don’t want Obama either but the alternative is not bareable.

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• Expand items with + signs by double-clicking or by selecting multiple items in the map and pressing the "e" key.
• Move an item in the map by clicking and dragging.
• You can also delete items, separate boxes and save maps. Right-click on the map or select Map Tools for these options.
• Find out more about an item in the map by right-clicking on the item and choosing Information about...
• View map color key.
• This interactive map requires Flash player.

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