Holiday greetings from Muckety!

By Emily Morgan

December 24, 2007 at 10:07am

By Emily Morgan & A. James Memmott

‘Tis the season for re-runs: all holiday themed
who can go a whole year without the Grinch being mean?
Whether Jim Carrey or Boris Karloff is your Grinch of choice,
after eggnog and presents, we’ll watch Whoville rejoice.

Lionel Barrymore’s mean; a banker from hell,
But an angel gets wings, when you hear a bell.
Donna Reed, bless her heart, stands by her man,
Tiny Bedford Falls remains life’s chosen land.

To the south, in Manhattan, where life can be sweet,
there’s a wonderful Miracle on 34th Street.
Edmund Gwenn shows us that Santa is real,
and Natalie Wood gets in on the deal.

Bing Crosby, like Stewart, carved out a win
when he sang White Christmas in Holiday Inn.
He merits a present, as does Fred Astaire.
In a movie together they make quite a pair.

And let’s hear it for Home Alone, one, two and three,
That Macaulay Culkin deserves a Christmas tree.
Say thanks to Catherine O’Hara, also John Candy,
going back to her kid, she finds his van handy.

Tim Allen’s just right in Christmas with the Kranks.
In skipping the holiday, he gets no thanks.
But The Santa Clause makes Allen take a new role,
And he starts his residency in the North Pole.

Please sing a rousing Christmas carol
in honor of the goofy Will Ferrell.
He’s tall for an elf, but has a big heart,
And how can he lose with a dad like Newhart?

And let’s not forget Ed Asner, a familiar Claus.
In a magical sleigh, he defies gravity’s laws.
A Santa for the ages, he never gets old.
Beneath a crusty exterior beats a heart of gold.

A leg lamp for Dad is part of one Christmas Story,
A tribute to BB guns in all their glory.
“You’ll shoot your eye out,” we’ll happily call,
as Peter Billingsley sits with Santa at his local mall.

But if the traditional holidays aren’t what you love most,
Turn your TV to Seinfeld, and Festivus we’ll toast.
Complications ensue, and the plot thickens.
It’s a holiday tale right out of Dickens.

And speaking of Dickens, Charles, we mean,
Bill Murray’s Scrooge lights up the screen.
A nasty TV exec — how could that be?
He finally appreciates what others see.

Happy endings, of course, are part of the plot.
Bad guys become good guys, like it or not.
So we’ll echo the films and wish you good cheer.
Have a happy holiday and a Muckety New Year!

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