Regents resign at Oral Roberts University

By Gary Jacobson

December 20, 2007 at 7:26am

The shakeup at Oral Roberts University continues.

Last week, evangelist Creflo Dollar resigned from the board of regents and Benny Hinn lost his voting status.

This week, the university said that Louisiana televangelist Jesse Duplantis also resigned from the board, the Tulsa World reports.

This all follows a late November decision by the board to split the university from its founding ministry, the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association.

ORU President Richard Roberts, son of the school’s namesake, resigned Nov. 23 after three former professors filed suit alleging that Roberts misspent funds. The case is in mediation.

A $70 million pledge by Mart Green, whose family founded the Hobby Lobby craft stores, is contingent upon making significant changes at the University.

Both Dollar and Hinn refused to respond to an inquiry by the U.S. Senate into alleged lavish spending by evangelists.

The World reported that there are now 22 business regents on the university’s board and 18 others who do not have a vote in business matters. Board chairman George Pearsons hopes that much of the separation between the university and the ministry will occur by the end of April.

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  • #1.   Armando Mendoza 12.20.2007

    I remmember reading how in Jesus time the Jews were also divided, Some wanted to fight against the Romans by force and Barabas was there leader, He condoned violence and division, Jesus on the other hand was teaching “Love, Meekness,Humility and Love, We are now preaching “Warriors for Christ” and to get Politically involved, Christ was not into Politics he was into Salvation. I believe we should put our differences aside and let God in charge of our affairs. Are we taxed because we are strangers or citizens ? G/B

  • #2.   Olowkow 12.20.2007

    Argument from verbosity is not going to help this mess. These are crooks. Plain and simple.

  • #3.   sandra plume 12.21.2007

    for years I have struggled with the concept of the “Prosperity Gospel” Giving lots of money to all of these ministries believing I was doing the right thing, but yet, my husband and I are hurting so badly financially that we are not filing for bankruptcy but close to it. I have always felt condemed because I wasn’t prospering like they wer and yet I have given thouseands in my Christian life to a lot of these ministries. I just want what the LOrd Jesus wants. I believe in giving for the kingdom of God but lately I am wondering who that is.

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