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November 5, 2007 at 3:52pm

Know, first off, that Muckety is not a universal search site like Google or Yahoo.

Our database focuses on national powerbrokers, mainly in the United States. We list top government and political figures, as well as board members of Fortune 1000 companies, major nonprofits and influential colleges.

So if your name doesn’t appear on Muckety, it’s probably because you’re not on one of these boards. If you think it should be, please let us know.

If you want to search for connections between several names, type each into the search box, connected by the word and. For example, the map below was produced by searching for:

Entourage and Ari Emanuel and Rahm Emanuel

We’ve filled it in for you, so click the search button to make the map.

Because these were exact matches on the names, the search engine went straight to the map.

Usually there is an intermediate page where you can select the items you want to map.

Let’s try searching on Entourage and Emanuel - Click on the search button to see what we get…

You should have gotten search results that looked a bit like the screen capture below:

search results

In the list of search results, click each name you’d like to see - in our case click the boxes next to Entourage, Ari Emanuel and Rahm Emanuel and then click on one of the MucketyMap buttons.

Since they’re connected, all of the items will display. If they are not connected, the name with the most connections will be mapped.

Let’s give that one a try…

This time let’s search for Bill Clinton and Madonna. We’ve filled it in for you, so just click on the search button.

In the list we’ll check the box next to Madonna and the one next to William J. Clinton.

You should get a results page that looks like the screen capture below (notice that when you roll your mouse over a name that person’s relations appear in a box next to your mouse):

search results

When you click the MucketyMap button you will get a map with only Bill Clinton’s relationships. Because Clinton has more relations in our database his relationship map was given priority over Madonna’s relationship map.

Here is the resulting map:

Restrict your search to only certain types by choosing from the list on the left side of the Advanced search page.

In the screen capture below we will only get results from the selected categories in Business & finance.

refine search results

Also note that each item you search for must be at least 3 characters long.

If you have any questions or other problems please use the comments area below and we’ll try to help you resolve your problems.


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  • #1.   Steve Blasio 12.18.2008

    I am looking for Frank Aquila. He is a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, an Board member of Brooklyn Law School, Dress for Success Worldwide, the Salvation Army and the NALP Foundation. He is a frequent commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business. Mr. Aquila is an advisor to Amgen, British Airways, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Diageo, Collective Brands and many other companies. I see that you have other Sullivan & Cromwell partners, but not Mr. Aquila. I am writing an article on Mr. Aquila and was looking for what you might have on him. Thanks, Steve Blasio

  • #2.   Belte Asmare 03.06.2009

    I like it

  • #3.   Alexis Coates 05.26.2009

    I would like to set up my own map for Baltimore.

  • #4.   name 11.18.2009

    Finally, A Useful lWebsite. ,

  • #5.   Jodie 05.25.2010

    I am volunteering with a Samoyed dog breed non-profit and would love to see if any muckety mucks have the particular breed. Any way to do this?

    thank you

  • #6.   Laurie Bennett 05.25.2010

    Not here.

  • #7.   John 05.18.2011

    To be honest- I think this could be a great idea- but the app and website leave alot to be desired… I mean if google, bing, and other search engines can find my name- and muckety can’t…

    this was simply a waste of my time…
    and the site is somewhat boring as well… spice it up - have some pride in the work you do…

  • #8.   Laurie Bennett 05.18.2011


    We’re not meant to be a national search engine. There are enough of those already.

    Are you an important person at the national level? If not, your name won’t appear on Muckety.

    As we note on our news home page: “We list top government and political figures, as well as board members of Fortune 1000 companies, major nonprofits and influential colleges.
    We show lobbyists, campaign contributions and family relationships of the famous and influential, along with the infamous and criminally charged.”

    Re: pride in our work. We take great pride in the site and work long hours to build an informative, robust database. You, on the other hand, post personal insults using a fake email address.

    Be sure and get back to us when you have more Muckety.

  • #9.   Bob Sloan 06.30.2011

    Why is it that Muckety has absolutely nothing on the connections and relationships to/from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)? They have been developing and dispersing a Conservative agenda for more than 30 years using state lawmaker members to introduce corporate friendly legislation into states. Their Private Enterprise Board represents Koch Industries, AT&T, major PhRMA companies, Insurance and financial companies. They are all over the news concerning the ongoing political manipulations in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Maine, Florida, Georgia and in Western states.
    I can input the names of these companies, individuals, foundations and find all the relationships - but ALEC (which should be at the center) is completely missing. Here’s their web site addy to their Private Enterprise Board:
    Thanks for checking on this,

    Bob Sloan
    Prison Industry Investigative Consultant

  • #10.   Ross 08.04.2011

    Where do I find a saved muckety map?

  • #11.   Laurie Bennett 08.04.2011

    When you save a Muckety map, you need to save the URL.

  • #12.   Chris Beiers 05.20.2012

    I think muckety should have a search on the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatric Law, or the jaapl.

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